I am looking for guide lines and where i can buy supplies to make my own grimoire/ book of shadows i want to make a hand bound leather grimoire but i cant find supplies and how to do it. thanks for your help ahead of time


  • Here’s what I would do.

    Go to the bookstore and buy one of those plain hardcover blank books of the size you want. Then go to a local craft store or a leather store if you have one. Buy a sheet of leather big enough to cover your book plus a few inches each side. Also get a leather punch or an awl and some leather lacing (you can use cording if you rather, just make sure it’s thick). Lay your book open on the leather. Mark where your book will lie on the inside of the leather (the side you want facing the book, not the side you want out). Punch holes in the book cover every centimeter or so. Do the same for the leather on the places you marked. Lay the book back down and lace it to the book. Tie it off near the bottom, adding decoration if you like.

    Let me know how that works for you.

  • Essentially cardboard and leather. You can buy leather at a fabric store or ebay. Just buy nice paper and string it together.

    Or google “how to make a leather bound book” I am sure there is tons of stuff on the internet. Look at craft sites, not witchie-poo sites, you’ll get further faster.

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