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How To Know When You’re About To Astral Project

This Video Talks about common astral projection exit symptoms and related phenomena, including childhood OBE experiences and how this can affect your efforts to achieve OBE as an adult.


  • So I never knew much about AP/OBE. but I think I have had something like it happen last night when I actually tried. I was laying down in the quiet and dark and just tried to breath slowly and relax myself and felt tingling and eventually felt an “expanding feeling” like mostly in my fingers and hands and then my body almost was totally numb feeling. I knew that I “could move” but didnt want to lose it if i was almost there and got a little excited and was trying to will myself out and found i really did want it. I almost felt like something was happening/ leaving but unsure. but after that nothing happened. ­čÖü also I watched a youtube vid to help focus my mind i found myself spinning in 2 different directions..even though I was laying down at the time. I remember being little.. like 4 or 5 and having that feeling when I would be in bed. so Im wondering what I can do to really GET OUT THERE! Please and Thank you!!!!!!

  • I was getting these sensations before I ever knew about astral projection. It freaked me out and I thought I was dying, just as you said! Went for months with anxiety over these events, and now am finally free of it. I feel so much better; almost back to where I was before the anxiety just hearing someone else describe these sensations and reassuring me that´╗┐ they are completely normal! Thank you so much! Now, to actually intentionally try to AP ­čÖé

  • I want to do it but I’m scared of seeing something I’ve seen´╗┐ in a horror movie or scary in general. Do you think doing it in mid-day might help over come these fears?

  • does astral projection only´╗┐ occur when one is in a supine position, in other words laying on their back?

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