I have bad energy around me all the time lately. I feel it, I know it, it’s causing negative things to happen. Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of it? I’ve heard about sage and feng shui. But I’ll take anything, including more details to the former. Thanks.


  • One word people….. DEMONS! I would know. They create all kinds of bad situations and then feed off of your negative energy! Which is why you would feel drained. I’ve been dealing with them my whole life. One in perticular doesn’t seem to want to leave and has caused a lot of cray cray things in my home. I have my own gaurdian angel and call upon others for help. Because this place is so tainted I have been searching for cleansing here. Believe me God and Jesus are involved and I have made certain ones mad all on account of the simple fact that I yurn for peace and hamony in my own home. I’ve heard of some type of oil to use from one of the angels, salt around the house windows and beds and, last but not least burning sage and lavender. I could use some advice and I would be more than happy to share and give my own advice to others as well. And please folks try to refrain from judgment lol believe me I appreciate and will not attempt to argue with you or change your opinions I’m only stateing what I know to be facts and I am still learning new things night and day. Glory to God, peace be with
    you and God bless. And if you want to e mail me give me yours and I will message you 🙂

  • Ya there is negative energies sorrounding the positive energies… Science is what man searches….. but we are living in the world where man still cant recognise all things…, man cant be god …. man is nothing in front of god …. and also man is becoz of god….. the best way to get rid of all the negatives energies are to stay closer to Lord ….. and pray for good …. god will show us way

  • About bad energy.. Energy is always positive. It can’t be bad. Sometimes something you think is energy is not. Natural energy is positive. Lack of energy is negative.

  • Ok. I have a question. I have been to the doctor so many times to find a reason why I am so tired. I feel constantly drained. The doctors find nothing wrong with me. I feel like I have a bad energy attacthed to me. It is hard for me to be around people with bad energy, sad energy, it is like I feel the pain and sadness that they feel and it is very draining to me. Any suggestions as what to do?

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  • read your bible and keep it open all the time. ask God to remove all unclean spirits and from you and your home. the more you do this the better you will feel. let me know how it goes.

  • well, maybe so, but what if the energy is so negative, that it, really isn’t in your home as much anymore, but, really @ your work place, and well, that is a huge place. You can’t push the energy out of there. Anything I can do about all the bad people there? I mean sure I could find another new job, but why keep running?

  • it seems silly and pointless,but thinking positivly can make a difference
    changing your own thoughts is the first place and most important place to start

    when i had to clear some from my home, i just lit soem candles put on some good music, opened the window, and kinda ‘pushed’ it out

    for yoru own person, you have to focus on you, energy like that can come from within as much as without, especialyl if its focused on you not your suroundings

  • there are colors and scents that attract and/or repel bad feelings and auras. i burn candles to achieve a certain positive aura and to repel negative feelings. It is interesting that secular studies have confirmed color and aroma therapy that have been used by (can I say witches?) for years tom make people’s lives more pleasant and successful. If you are sincere and want some suggestions to change your mood or the overall temper of your life, email me and tell me what you want to accomplish. I will be glad to make some suggestions of what color and scents may help you. I have nothing to sell.

    • for some reason, out of the blue, we’ve had bad luck, our dog died, we lost our jobs, I almost died and was in he hospital for 7 days, and now @ my brand new job – the woman talk alot of untrue gossip about me and all I’ve done is be kind and loving, even after all Ive been thru, which now makes me wonder if there’s something, or some weird energy blocking my path? I have’t moved any furniture for years and years, nothing I do is new, I like everything the same. I don’t even text. Only becuz I don’t like to change. Is there something wrong w/ me?

    • I feel as if I have a lot of negative energy around me or I’m cursed I cant get a job any where get interviews or even get jobs after 2days of having the job they tell me I cant work there so stressed from this I cant pay my bills my well stopped working now I have no water in my house cant get help any where or a job do you have any suggestions to what is happening with me thank you for your time

  • Honestly, I know this will sound dumb, but in truth, we are all made of energy, and you also attract what you give off. I have been trying my very best to keep my own “vibrations” high, and stay level headed and positive, and I tell you what…The air around me seems to have lifted. Sage also works. Burn some and focus more on your entryways and windows. All I know about feng shui is to have your bed directed North and South, and have nothing in the corners. I have my bed positioned North/South, but, I can’t tell you anything has improved. Good luck to you.

  • Sprinkle salt around your house enclosing it in a circle. Open your windows during the day and have rose Quartz crystals around the house. ask your higher power-(God, whomever or the elements to bless you) to cast the bad energy out. Do not place mirrors at the end of your bed or have them facing it , same for your bed- make sure the foot of your bed is not facing a door that opens into a room. Have you dabbled in anything a bit spooky lately ? sometimes you can bring an energy into the house if you do, if not try these tips and see if they work. Blessings and good luck!

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