I have bad energy around me all the time lately. I feel it, I know it, it’s causing negative things to happen. Anyone have any tips on how to get rid of it? I’ve heard about sage and feng shui. But I’ll take anything, including more details to the former. Thanks.


  • One word people….. DEMONS! I would know. They create all kinds of bad situations and then feed off of your negative energy! Which is why you would feel drained. I’ve been dealing with them my whole life. One in perticular doesn’t seem to want to leave and has caused a lot of cray cray things in my home. I have my own gaurdian angel and call upon others for help. Because this place is so tainted I have been searching for cleansing here. Believe me God and Jesus are involved and I have made certain ones mad all on account of the simple fact that I yurn for peace and hamony in my own home. I’ve heard of some type of oil to use from one of the angels, salt around the house windows and beds and, last but not least burning sage and lavender. I could use some advice and I would be more than happy to share and give my own advice to others as well. And please folks try to refrain from judgment lol believe me I appreciate and will not attempt to argue with you or change your opinions I’m only stateing what I know to be facts and I am still learning new things night and day. Glory to God, peace be with
    you and God bless. And if you want to e mail me give me yours and I will message you 🙂

  • Ya there is negative energies sorrounding the positive energies… Science is what man searches….. but we are living in the world where man still cant recognise all things…, man cant be god …. man is nothing in front of god …. and also man is becoz of god….. the best way to get rid of all the negatives energies are to stay closer to Lord ….. and pray for good …. god will show us way

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