I need to clean my bad karma, anybody who are expert in cleaning bad karma, please help. Is reincarnation really exist?
Is reincarnation created by some powerful intelligent?


  • If you have acted immorally in the past, as we all have to some degree, you need to improve or correct your moral habits, by trying hard to do better, or replace bad habits with better habits. The more you become a strong and well balanced spirit, who is contributing positively to the well being of thie world, the better your karma will be. Good karma does not mean an easy life, without much work. It means that your spirit is able to give out good energy to others, because it is in good shape, from doing well in the struggle of life. We have individual spirits, connected to a degree with a universal spirit, that gives us focus and attunement to the universe. The universal spirit, when well connected to, will make you more effective, balanced and stronger spiritually. Reincarnation of the continuous type, keeps one in this reality of this universe. It does not allow for escape, to some aternative afterlife more to one’s liking. In our sleep our spirit often leaves our body, travels into the spiritual realm, only to return before you wake. Dreams can seem really real, because they are, but in the spiritual realm. Life is full of cycles. When we die, our spirit leaves a dead body, and will eventually crave to have the fullness of life a fresh body can give, and will search for the right body for its purposes.
    If you want to get stronger spiritually, meditate/pray, do mind-body exercises, eat healthy, don’t overindulge, and keep open to good inspiration, from all possible sources.

  • “Karma” is a Sanskrit term that means “activity” or “work.” The idea evolved in Indian philosophy and is that actions lead to reactions (this is the idea in Physics) and this idea was then applied to morality. We find the idea in Christianity also in the adage, “you reap what you sow.” Although a person, of course, can’t change the past and may experience the effects of past actions in the present and future, a person can make more conscious choices in the present and thereby make his present and future better. The doctrine of karma, however, is a lot more subtle and complex that what many people think. You should not judge yourself or allow other people to judge you by saying you have “bad karma” or that you are or will experience “bad karma.” The nature of life is that it has ups and downs regardless of how we’ve lived in the past and the choices we’ve made. Although we often reap the consequences of our behavior, we can’t necessarily blame misfortune on something that we did in the past–especially if we think that such things occurred in a specutative previous existence. Furthermore, other people (or families, friends, and environments) have a strong effect on how we behave and the choices we make such that we cannot be totally at fault for our choices–we are sometimes led into them by the nose like stupid animals who don’t know any better. In light of this, the point of life is to become more aware and compassionate, and we often can only do this by making mistakes, having regrets, and going through trials. We always have the opportunity to change, to be redeemed, and be saved–and I don’t mean this necessarily in the Christian sense; I mean we can save ourselves by thinking about how we can be better and more “enlightened” than we were in the past.

    As for reincarnation, no one can definitely say it is real. However, It is a belief that people have had for ages. Some people think that the personality moves from one birth to the next; some think that it is the “karmic momentum” that goes on. It is best not to worry yourself about a forgotten past; the present moment is enough to handle, isn’t it? The powerful intelligence that causes karma and reincarnation is you. Realize that essential part of you that is powerful and intelligent and then you won’t have to fear “bad karma.”

  • Karma is tricky, and can be really nasty, as I’m sure you know. To cleanse, all I can offer is to do as much good as you can to balance the bad of the past. The goal is balance. Few people understand this.

    I can tell you from experience that reincarnation exists. I know who I was in my most recent life. I remember personal things that I shouldn’t be able to if I wasn’t her. When I dig and search deep enough, I find out I was right. I am lucky in that my past life was well known and documented. From it, I understand more about who and why I am in this life.

    I do feel that there is a powerful intelligence behind it all. I call it Deity because I have no other name for it. It is male and female. It encompasses all opposites, and helps us find our way. I believe each of us, and every living thing, has a bit of the Divine in us, a divine spark if you will. When we reincarnate, the spark goes out again to experience more and bring it back to the whole.

    I hope this helps. Remember – if you ask, you will be answered. So ask your question of the cosmos, and listen for the answer. God and Goddess bless!

  • If you believe in reincarnation, it comes with the belief that eventually you’ll learn not to make mistakes anymore, and bad karma isn’t something you try to wipe out, but to just learn from, because you have all eternity to get it right.

    If you have a guilty conscience, though, that problem is a lot easier to solve. It starts with saying “I’m sorry”, and ends with dealing with the consequences of saying that you’re sorry.

    I’m not a believer in Karma and reincarnation, but I do believe in saying you’re sorry and learning from your mistakes. Which, when it gets down to it, is what the karma folks believe; they just believe you have a lot more time and ability to get it right.

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