i am just kind of curious. i see alot of people claiming to be pagan. Any Druids? Shamans? Wiccans? please feel free to elaborate!
i am aware of all the different influences and traditions! You guys are suprising me…didnt realize i was in such good company!
Blessed Be!


  • Hi, I’m a polytheist that worships the Gods of the pre-christian Irish Celts. I’m influenced heavily by the Celt Reconstuctionist movement but do not clam to be CR myself. A true CR I believe must be able to speak one of the Celtic languages or at the least be trying to learn, I cannot and am not. However, history and factual information about the deities and Irish Celtic practices are very important to me. I call my path Sean Ski, it has a name that was suggested and rejected buy CR followers. Its Irish and means Old or Ancient Path.

  • I follow a Celtic recon path. Most of my deities are Gaulish but I’m drawn to Welsh mythology. I’m trying to learn Welsh and would like to honor my deities someday with a special rite all in Welsh. I honor my ancestors and giving offerings of food and drink is a large part of my way of life. My rites are simple and mostly private.

  • Celtic Reconstructionist here. I avoid the whole “Druid” term – not only is there a lot of disagreement in the CR community over whether or not we even need Druids any more, none of us are willing to take up that title without the traditional 20 years’ worth of training.

  • Proud pagan! I’ve been Wiccan for a dozen or so years. I’m getting handfasted at the end of the month to a Heathen. He doesn’t want to call himself pagan either (see above). My son is eight and he says since he’s a son of a witch he’s going to become a wizard, I think he’s seen a little too much Harry Potter.The other day he asked me when he was going to get his powers. ­čÖé

  • I’m a pagan for sure, witch in training, and curious about Wicca enough to have just asked about the differences between being Wiccan and a Witch. Thanks in advance to all the thoughtful replies to my question, picking the best will be hard, there were some very helpful responses.

  • Pagan Trinity
    If the Trinitys roots are pagan – Then why do most Christians believe in it?
    Historically, Father-Mother-Child was much older wide-spread trinity. The Christian doctrine of the trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Ghost — was not formalized until the 4th or 5th century C.E., yet the historical concept of a triune deity is much older than that, with evidence dating from the 7th millennium B.C.E. Even in early Christianity, this trinity had a female member, the Holy Ghost. As recorded in the scriptures of early Christians, the Gnostic scriptures, The Holy Ghost was envisioned as Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom (C *). The Holy Ghost’s symbol, a dove, is an ancient Goddess symbol, well-known in the days of early Christianity, as was the concept of Wisdom as female, Sophia. Father, Mother and Child (often a Savior-Son) is an ancient trinity, naturally reflected in the world around us.

    Maiden, Mother and Crone -The oldest known trinity, is based on real-life cycles: youth, the maiden; fullness of life, the mother; elder years, the crone.

  • I am Shamanic in nature taking from both sides of my family. One being Native American, the other Celtic. They are very similar in nature and they are very connected.
    As far as traditions I tend to lean towards the Celtic blood, because it is so hard to find Native American teachers, and books. The other thing is that my patron Deities happen to be Celt also, not that I chose them. But then I am also heavily into the Runes readings, and magicks alike. So you could probably say that I am an eclectic Shaman.

  • i am an eclectic wiccan and it is a really positive and ancient earth religion. (you might know this though) My best friend is training to be a shaman.

    you know how chritianity has other religions like christian and lutheran. well, pagan is the same sense of that. pagan is a religion,
    but it also has its groups like garden wicca or alexandria wiccan or druidry.

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