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how long does it take for reincarnation to happen?

ok so im just wondering could my dead grandpa soul be in me? he died a year b4 i was born. and my great grandma dies then my cousin as born so could u give me a real answer.


  • For the record just to be honest about something reincarnation was never ment that you do comeback as you and you dont. That person that once was is gone and their brains with all the memories are dead. But that does not mean the soul or energy may forget details of his or hers past life. We may be doing things now that we did in our past life but dont know. In order to do better or worse in the next life until we finaly do it right and then we go further to a new existance. Its just like a game you see

  • I also think it depends..for instance my grandfather is reincarnated. The moment my great grandmother was giving birth to him 2 beds down from her( those days there were no such thing as a maternity room) was a solider who dying from his wounds at war.. 6 months old my grandfather had Ricketts so he was delayed for his age 2 yrs go by and there is a knock at my grandmother’s door.. as my grandmother opens the door there were 2 soldiers standing in front of her..they exchanged words..a familiar voice is heard and a curious 2 yr old goes around her to see just who it is 1 of the soldiers had a sword hanging from his hip..when my grandfather seen it he asked him where did he get the sword.. mind u my grandpa was delayed and so this was the 1st my grandmother’s ever heard him carry on a full sentence let alone a conversation… the solder replied it’s my sword. My grandpa told him he was lying and that the sword belonged to “John doe” (forgot his name) my grandpa told him to look close and he Will see the mans name engraved and the reason he told the solder is bcuz that was his sword and he gave it to John doe both solders looked at eachother and turned as white as a ghost and no words were exchanged after that..

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