ok so im just wondering could my dead grandpa soul be in me? he died a year b4 i was born. and my great grandma dies then my cousin as born so could u give me a real answer.


  • It all correct i think that i been reincarnated because when i was born my grandpa died that year and sometimes i feel my mum shout at me i just get angry feel like am just small and i love you so much but still feel like am older than you, you cant shout at me. Then i realize that am nt just doing it, it someone else, i know how to draw without being taught, and some characters my grand p had are still with me so i thnk been reincarnated is real and they dont reincarnate immediately after death

  • How long would it take for me to reincarnate after I die?? I would love to come back soon and do things better than I did in this life, I would want to be smarter and more on the ball with life’s things. Can I comeback after I die???I really want to…..help me out here…

    • Hi ….Hope everything is okay …Don’t wait till the next reincarnation to be smart and beautiful !The time to do that is now .,This is the time…,You have the gift and the intellect to do that now..You sound like a kind soul..Believe in the magic that you have now .

    • I feel this way too. There is no earthly time between lives. In addition I feel the experience between incarnation is in itself a full and important experience which must be learned many times before advancing to the next level. This level then becomes the goal. If you want to return to the previous level “to do things better” you are not ready to change modes. When the concept of ‘goal’ disappears you are moving somewhere else. YMMV. 😉

  • For the record just to be honest about something reincarnation was never ment that you do comeback as you and you dont. That person that once was is gone and their brains with all the memories are dead. But that does not mean the soul or energy may forget details of his or hers past life. We may be doing things now that we did in our past life but dont know. In order to do better or worse in the next life until we finaly do it right and then we go further to a new existance. Its just like a game you see

  • I also think it depends..for instance my grandfather is reincarnated. The moment my great grandmother was giving birth to him 2 beds down from her( those days there were no such thing as a maternity room) was a solider who dying from his wounds at war.. 6 months old my grandfather had Ricketts so he was delayed for his age 2 yrs go by and there is a knock at my grandmother’s door.. as my grandmother opens the door there were 2 soldiers standing in front of her..they exchanged words..a familiar voice is heard and a curious 2 yr old goes around her to see just who it is 1 of the soldiers had a sword hanging from his hip..when my grandfather seen it he asked him where did he get the sword.. mind u my grandpa was delayed and so this was the 1st my grandmother’s ever heard him carry on a full sentence let alone a conversation… the solder replied it’s my sword. My grandpa told him he was lying and that the sword belonged to “John doe” (forgot his name) my grandpa told him to look close and he Will see the mans name engraved and the reason he told the solder is bcuz that was his sword and he gave it to John doe both solders looked at eachother and turned as white as a ghost and no words were exchanged after that..

  • How log does it take for reincarnation to happen?
    It all depends on howany generations you have in your family. For example if you have four generations in your family and you are the member of first generation, you will Re incarnate as the son to your great grandson.

  • My son died 25days bk at the age of 22years. And after his death I have very strong feeling that he will b bk very soon.does any one knows if we can force soul to born in same mother again. I m getting mental pls help me by replying on below email

  • YES its true, i was awakening a few years ago (realising im a timeless soul, and this isnt it..) something told me to look up who died the year before i was born (i was born february 26th 1988).
    so i did..( before this i thought i was a rock star/someone famous and alot of my feelings/personality/perception comes from some other time)…. and so did i looked it up, BANG the first person i see, Jackie gleason..died june 24 1987…… HMMMM i thought ok look closer… His birthday… SAME AS MINE ; 26th february 1916!!!
    woah not only is his birthday same as mine, but he died 8 months before i was born,,,,,
    now i new i was funny since i was old enough to have that thought, but it made so much sense….
    i was born in sydney australia (i think australia is for old souls needing to be faaar away from controlled areas)…
    when i was in new york i just new my way around,,,by another sense 🙂
    also accepting that we have been men and woman in past lives, realising a soul is more than our current human experience…
    i feel jackie and i have been on this mission to shift the paradigm and ensure love is all that exists, reclaim back the earth, as its meant to be x

  • There are some who believe it takes no more than 49 days after death to be reborn into a new body. There are others who believe It can happen the same day. Some cultures believe the soul can wait and decide to enter the body up to six months after birth. If that’s true, then death of the previous body can happen anytime between 49 days before the body is reborn to 6 months after the body is born. That could explain why most people don’t have memories of the first six months of their life. They could be finishing up their previous life. A good way to determine if you did live a previous life 49 days before you were born is listen to music from the year you were born. If you were living as someone else, you’re memory should return while listening to music from the year in which you were born. Eveyone is born with amnesia. It’s hard to remember who you were and where you lived because of false information in the media about reincarnation. But you can overcome your amnesia by keeping a dream journal and listening to music from the year you were born. It will come back to you and you will remember. Ignore skeptics and let the music from the year you were born do it’s magic.

  • I’m relatively sure my wife reincarnated on October 15, 2011, just more than 41 weeks after her death on December 5, 2010. Human gestation period is 38 weeks, approximately. Birthdays were sacred to her, and October 15th is my sister-in-law’s birthday — the sister-in-law my wife loved very much, and to whom she made a parting spiritual visit on the night she died. On the day I think she returned, she did two things: she called a good friend using her old,and by then deactivated, telephone number, and at 6:15 in the morning, as I was putting on my clothes in the bedroom, she gave me the gift of letting me hear that first howling cry a baby makes when it’s born — from the location on the bed where she had lain next to me for 17 years.

  • Don’t believe anybody who tells you there has to be a certain time limit between lives or that we always reincarnate immediately. There isn’t a set period of time between death and the next incarnation. The question of how long just depends on what you want or need to accomplish in the life to come.

    • But if a person committed suicide while peaceful and fulfilled’does that still apply ?because I don’t believe a moment of weakness if you was a good person should change anything.

  • You would have been in a hurry to return if you came back only a year later. Although most souls wait longer to return, some come back right away, especially if they have a reason to want to be close to someone left behind.

  • Most Reincarnationists believe that the essence of the person doesn’t enter the body until the first breath is taken – which sort of follows the biblical idea that “God” breathed life into Adam – so in theory a reincarnate could return to a new birth the same day his past life ended. When you return to a new life is entirely up to you: you can wait centuries or seconds, or any length of time between.

  • It takes this long. It’s the moment right after you died, so pretty close to instantly. I’m being a bit silly, because I understand frame of reference. Which one are you using?

  • Reincarnation is false. Jesus explains the true meaning of His words in the below passage:

    “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the Kingdom of God unless He is born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at My saying, you must be born again” (verses 5-7).

    Jesus made it quite clear that He was not speaking of a physical birth, or a series of them for that matter, but one of a spiritual nature. Actually, the correct rendering of this text from the original Greek should use “born from above”, for that is precisely what is involved. Mortal human beings mate and bring forth offspring that were mortal and subject to death like themselves (“flesh gives birth to flesh” – verse 6.) However, the “birth” that Jesus spoke of was not achieved through natural reproductive means, but as an event initiated by God alone (John 1:13). When a person is “born again” as a child of God through faith in Christ’s redemptive provision of Himself on the cross, the Holy Spirit imparts to him a new nature that is not physical and therefore perishable (I Peter 1:23). Continued rebirth does not necessitate itself, for the individual has already entered God’s Kingdom of eternal life (John 5:24).

    Beyond the veil of death, the expanse of eternity awaits us all. The decisions that we make now will ultimately determine our place in it.

    • Hi i think reincarnation is our image as hè reïncarnated as him self and woke up. but we arent Jesus so we cant do that. But what hè might have been telling us with that is that we all comeback just as everything on earth grows dies but comes back again to do the same again. And i must say i dont believe in any book about religions. God or Jesus dont need a book for us. Books with religions are nothing else but written by false profits who call then selfs holy as in those days power was everything. And if you did things your way you would be burnt or hung or tortured to death and then they would tell everyone you was a demon and in jesus name damned you. Today however am glad since religions are loosing there great power over man. Today science is the new religion.

  • From everything I’ve ever understood, it depends on the individual. There are those who are ready enough to be reborn in the next couple days, and there are those who can wait up to a couple years.

    I think it may relate to the lessons learned in the current life.

  • No you are not – you must be conceived at the very moment the other person dies. Maybe if you were born ~ 9 months after he died, it is possible ask your parents if you were conceived the night grandpa died – could be awkward.

  • My interpretation of the idea is that for the person it’s instantaneous, but in reality it could span days, weeks or even thousands of years, it may even go back in time.

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