i am a young witch and i need help assuming my powers. only serious answers will be acceped.


  • I find it helpful to push energy out through the crown of my head. I couldn’t really tell you how though, because it seems to be my natural inclination and it just sort of happens when I want it too.

    I highly recommend the book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak. He is great at explaining great methods for building energy, entering altered states, etc.

    Best of luck to you!

  • You raise energy from within you, focus it with your intentions, and release it into the spell. This is going to take some time to learn. First learning effective meditation helps.

    Please explain to me what “assuming my powers” means to you. This to me implies you are confusing real-life witchcraft with fictional movies/TV shows.

    I would highly recommend following the course and the exercises in the this book to help you learn about working with the energy required for effective spell casting. That is – so long as your parents are okay with you studying and practicing such a craft.


  • The sugestion about meditation is a good place to start but I will tell you how center y I do it.

    Get real still and center yourself. When I say yourself I mean to focus all your energy in that place right below your breast bone. Meditate and do this and feel the energy build. Once it is built up then your ready to cast. Candles and new age music can help along with er inscence and all the other trapings.

  • psipog.com can help you with that, and also try tae chi, and focusing that feeling you get when you are about to let out a static charge to other parts of your body or try to bring it on

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