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How does a solitary wiccan become a high priestess?

I am a solitary wiccan and don’t wanna join a coven. But i do want to know if i can become a priestess ,and at the same time be reconized as such by other wiccans.


  • im not wiccan but i am part of the pagan community and im looking to become a high priestess but licensing is the issue since i live in NY… what could i do

  • One could want to be a high priestess because it makes one feel more connected, but here the question is being asked by solitary wiccan. In effect, she has ceased to be solitary ans is asking her peers for information and approval. That suggests that she is aware that being a high priestess requires that one is acknowledged as such. The process of acknowledgement means that one has opened oneself up to criticism, learning, humility etc and that one must scrutinize what one truly knows and can offer in service in the light of the understanding and wisdom that others bring. We are connected, after all.. Unless we can compare our knowledge to that of others and be continuously open to learning and serving, it means nothing to have a title. One can surely act as a solitary, but be in contact with others to share and grow. I imagine the issue is with being affiliated and losing freedom. That is the cost, though. The best thing is to constantly learn and share with others in some way. That way it is possible to remain a solitary in practice, but have a mirror for growth and understanding. Confidence and wisdom means there is no need for a title. It is just an added bonus. Our own connection with truth is really our own business.

  • Some of the people here on this board were a bit harsh. I think if you want the title of a High Priestess you can contact another HP and she can help you do the ceremony for elevation. As a solitary you don’t need to be anything and that is the beauty of a solitary life as a witch but some like to have a rank and that is okay too. As a witch it is not our job to judge another and the rule is to harm none . There are some Wiccans that believe that each rank has to be held for a year and a day starting with first degree, then second , and lastly third which is the high priestess rank. I believe that some witches learn faster than others and to hold you back because of time is not fair. Also I must say here that I have met a lot of woman who said they were high priestesses and didn’t know what the hell they were doing so knowledge is so very important. Another thing you might do is to study with a coven and ask not to be a member. Covens are tricky things too as some may do things that go against your personal beliefs so it is important to find one that you can work with if you decide to go that route. I am a solitary because I have yet to find a coven that felt comfortable to me. I don’t need the title of HP but that is because I don’t want to start a coven. There are a lot of books out there to study all the things you need to know but to be an HP you need to have another HP to help you get there. Although I have heard of a ritual that can be done by solitaries for elevation but can’t remember what book it was in. I just go to the Goddess and tell her what I need and talk about it with her and wait to hear what she has to say about it. That is my way of doing things.Hope this helps.

  • I’m a solitary wiccan. But i’ve recently joined up with 2 more wiccans I’ve stumbled across. Is there some way that i can maybe become a HP seem i do admit to knowing the most about wicca, even though we’re only a group of 3? If we can’t, does anyone know about where i can contact some more wiccans in Wodonga?

    Blessed be

  • Good evening,you can ordain yourself as a hp under a full moon with the full ritual,Just because you are a solitary practitioner does not mean you cannot and are not allowed to ordain yourself, you need to have many year’s of experience’s behind you,to be fair on yourself.The Wiccan religion is about nature and the freedom to do want you want in perfect love and trust,follow the old way’s of the faith and being with one with nature,you are what you are inside your god/ess know it and you know it,so now start to enjoy it..! Blessed Be .

  • I am a solitary witch. In some books i have read the authors say when u r a solitary u can pretty much do what u want because no one is there to tell u that u can’t. If u want to call yourself a HP go ahead. I read a book about a year and a half ago, can’t remember which one, it stated if u dedicate yourself to one goddess u can b considered a HP. Im currently rereadin a few books if i come across that book i will post it. Regardless of whether or not u r in a coven, are a new practitioner or Ur title, the Goddess knows what’s in Ur heart. There are many books out there for solitary witches. I know some believe Ur not really a witch or wiccan unless Ur in a coven but there are others that believe that its not true. There are many great solitary practitioners! I have most of Scott Cunninghams books. Be true to yourself. Don’t ever let anyone tell you Ur path is wrong. Blessed Be!

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