I have been studying the paranormal and spiritual realm. While doing so, I have come across a few incubus/succubus stories. But how do these people contact them? Or do they pick people? Do they “feed” off of sexual energy?


  • Be open to them they will eventually show themselves to you when they know you are being sincere enough. Took me a year and several months before I could feel their presence and almost half that before I could see them.

  • Hi I’m confused I have something cuddling up to me doesn’t happen everyday or week it happens around 5-12 times in one month should I communicate with it or get rid of it it didn’t harm me it just pulled me closer and cuddled is all is it a succubus or something else help please

  • i guess at timesit will be nice to have a incubus around they maybe want to make contact with us or maybe try and be their in our time in need who knows if they do excist then they do if they dont then they dont all i can say is incubus and succubus dont mean to harm you maybe they want to be friends with you and maybe plesure you in your time in-need so please let them be they dont mean no harm just be your self and see what they want and need thats is my point of view okay…

  • You guys do realize that this is all complete bullshit right? Any contact with any of them would and will result in death. One cannot summon ‘demons’. they come to you. as simple as that.. find a girlfriend…

    • That’s so close minded, reality would have less “mysterious bullshit rules.” There’s no reason to buy into the idea that a demon can only ever come to you, that you can’t contact a demon or ask them to come to you. Demons can be at least somewhat intelligent – meaning, having actual personalities, not being programmed robots, and so thinking of a living entity with a personality, they can make simple choices like coming to people that contact them. But some people like boasting rigid bullshit “laws” like “they must come to you” and rubbing the bullshit in people’s faces.

    • Who knows whats real and whats not? That is the point of life. All you have to do is live out your days and discover new things as you go. (BTW, nothing is impossible, just really difficult)

  • How would I contact succubus like to know how this hole thing works I just found this website read all of the above and don’t have a clue what all of this is and what is true and what is wrong are demons succubus and incubus I gues friendly or trying to kill us I’m confused on all this can some one tell me what this

  • i would really like to know how to contact a succubus so if anyone is truly will to tell me how then im interested it dosent matter to to me what people think about me wanting to do this im tired of getting my heart broke so if this will work then im ok with it.

  • can someone tell me how to attract an incubus with out a ritual, i know that they are dangerous and all but i need to know what its like and maybe just maybe know if there is both a higher power and a evil one

    • I think that to attract an incubbis, you have to have a certain level of spiritual energy. Only some people can see spirits and entities – so attracting an inccubis may be tricky.

      Nevertheless, I have researched some information about this matter for you.
      It turns out that objects such as the ones below (when either possessed, placed around the home or recently eaten) make you more appealing to incubbi and succubi.

      red wine (or purple grape juice)
      lime juice
      walnut shells
      goosedown pillow
      piece of black leather or black lace or black satin
      almond oil
      black and red licorice sticks

      However, you must keep in mind the fact that most of the time, Inccubbi or Succubi will actively seek out people themselves who have high levels of spirit energy; meaning unless you have had previous encounters with either of these kinds of spirits, they may not feel comfortable enough around you to reveal themselves (but good luck anyway!)

      I hope this helps 😀



  • Ok, umm… i’m kind of new here so i don’t really know how to say this…. but \bout 2 and a half months ago I had (what I thought at the time ) was a really strange dream. I woke up and it felt like there was someone next to me. I’m not kidding when I say I was scared shitless at first, but to be honest after about 2 or so minutes of lying there, I started to feel suddenly calm and warm.

    Now, bearing in mind this lasted about 5 minutes overall, I don’t remember much of the detail, but one of the one things that sticks in my head was turning over and seeing this woman there on the bed beside me… just lying there… asleep. I didn’t know what to say at first so I just coughed to get her / it’s attention. It starting staring at me and sat up. It was then I realized she was naked from the waist up.

    The conversation that followed was extremely vague and hazy, almost like in a dream that you can’t quite remember, but I’m sure for certain that I was awake during it. She kept talking about how ‘I deserved something’. I have no idea what she was talking about and since then I have never seen her or had any strange dreams or anything.

    If somebody could help me explain this, I would be grateful.


    Christian 🙂

  • What have you people been smoking out there? LOL. Demons do exist. They are not nice entities that’s why they’re called DEMONS. If a demon get I contact with you, it’s for 2 things.
    1- to harm you
    2- together something from you
    Nothing else. I don’t believe in the Succubus or whatever you call it. I did have experience with demoniac entities. Noting to brag about, nothing fun. If an entity sleeps wit you, it’s definitely to drain your energy. You have to know that the lower part of your stomach ( genital erea) is full of pure energy… If you didn’t know that then go do some more researches and stop being dellusional.. Thanks.

  • Hey I have a qestion how do I make my icubuse attracted to me and the resin I ask is be cuse I want to give back a lil to him he’s alway be good about puttin me in the mood and I want to try it on him can I get some tips plese

  • I’d like to say I may have fallen in love with 1 specific one came to me 5 times on different weeks this one did me no harm simply in my dream all we did was try and reach out to each other (so to speak) I knew what she was cause I had never seen her in my life before 5 times man and all I did was save her from danger , what in the hell is that supposed to mean? What am I to her I asked no answer of course but all in all its the same run is all she says but I refuse then I wake up . Run from her? Or something else? Felt so real I woke up with tears and a wet shirt like I ran a mile , intense experiance . I thought I had gonne mad . Now I have not seen her in a long time and dare to say I miss her cause every time I’m near her its pure happiness. Call me crazy don’t matter I know what I saw lol XD

  • So is there such as these things, i just finished watching “Paranormal Entity” I thought it was based on a true story, but when I saw the professor talk I wanted to find out if it was real, I’m scared it might come to me, I belive in God, but I;m still scared, I’m only 15 years old. So can someone tell me the 100% if these Incubus are real or not, I mean its stupid…demons if thats even normal for demons to be alivee?

    • yes they are real, there are countless stories of interactions with them, you shouldn’t be scared though, incubus has a kinda low chance of coming to you unless you do a ritual to summon him.

  • I believe I’ve experiened an Incubus, though only twice. I came to find that it would come to me on the 14th of the month. The first time it happened was Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and again on March 14th, each late at night, near midnight. I somewhat awaited it Saturday (April 14th) but it never came, though I didn’t expect it to. I was just wondering, since the channel has already been opened (in a sense), is there any way to call him back? A lot of people say that Incubi and Succubi are dangerous, but I can say without a doubt, that’s a bunch of malarky. Perhaps to some they can be quite aggressive, but respect goes a long way. I’ve crossed paths with countless Demons, and each time I’ve given them my respect and came out just fine. Hell, I’ve even rebuked one from my home (he was harming my fiance and began trying to harm me) and I felt his anger until I told him I meant no disrespect and he calmly left afterward. It just depends on how you approach these beings. What you give, they give. Simple as that.

  • I’ve been involved with two Succubus for over 30 years, this is not a gag.
    These spirits come to you by one of two ways. Either they pick you or summoned by ritual.
    I do not suggest ritual. It is dangerous in many ways and you can’t be sure what might come through. I will not provide any information regarding rituals.

    If someone is paticularly sensitive to spirits and think about them, chances are better about attracting the attention of one but nobody knows for sure what attracts one person over another.

    I’m part of an online community of others experiencing the same things and is more widespread than you know.

    Some information:
    1. They do have all the “parts” of humans.
    2. These parts are “Supercharged” for pleasure
    3. They are whitty and smarter than we are.
    4. They don’t drain energy. Just opposite.
    5. They have 1 thing on their mind and it isn’t mischief.
    6. They have a wide range of personalities just as humans.
    7. Interaction is when wide awake, not sleeping.
    8. They can look like, sound and feel like anything or anyone.
    9. Humans never “finish” while interacting with them. It’s more a “Liquid bath of intimate love and extacy”.

    See my profile for more information.

  • It’s impossible to contact them without them finding you. These are often glorified creatures, the only things really special about them is that they’re immortal and they can’t reproduce. they also have incredibly good powers of seduction, but it’s unknown whether that’s a product of their powers, or whether it’s just an eternity of experience. they pretty much practice hedonism in the most primal(and awesome) form, and just have sex with anyone they feel like seducing. so pretty much the awesomest thing to be, ever.

  • Careful though, some succubi have hidden blades in there. You know what I mean. But they’re only found in the middle east so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • Well, if you believe in that sort of thing, they actually feed off the person’s life force THROUGH the sexual act – often until the victim dies.

    As to what attracts them… I don’t know right of the top of my head.

    UPDATE: In my handy-dandy The New Encyclopedia of the Occult by John Michael Greer (an excellent book by the way) it says in part:

    Succubus (Latin, “one who lies under”) In Western demonology, a spirit that seeks to have sexual relations with men. Monks, priest, and other men committed to the celibate life were believed to be particularly at risk from succubi.

    So how `bout that?

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