I have been studying the paranormal and spiritual realm. While doing so, I have come across a few incubus/succubus stories. But how do these people contact them? Or do they pick people? Do they “feed” off of sexual energy?


  • Hi I’m confused I have something cuddling up to me doesn’t happen everyday or week it happens around 5-12 times in one month should I communicate with it or get rid of it it didn’t harm me it just pulled me closer and cuddled is all is it a succubus or something else help please

  • i guess at timesit will be nice to have a incubus around they maybe want to make contact with us or maybe try and be their in our time in need who knows if they do excist then they do if they dont then they dont all i can say is incubus and succubus dont mean to harm you maybe they want to be friends with you and maybe plesure you in your time in-need so please let them be they dont mean no harm just be your self and see what they want and need thats is my point of view okay…

  • You guys do realize that this is all complete bullshit right? Any contact with any of them would and will result in death. One cannot summon ‘demons’. they come to you. as simple as that.. find a girlfriend…

    • That’s so close minded, reality would have less “mysterious bullshit rules.” There’s no reason to buy into the idea that a demon can only ever come to you, that you can’t contact a demon or ask them to come to you. Demons can be at least somewhat intelligent – meaning, having actual personalities, not being programmed robots, and so thinking of a living entity with a personality, they can make simple choices like coming to people that contact them. But some people like boasting rigid bullshit “laws” like “they must come to you” and rubbing the bullshit in people’s faces.

    • How do you know it’s all bullshit? Give me concrete evidence that this is all fake and I’ll stop searching for how to summon an incubus.

    • Who knows whats real and whats not? That is the point of life. All you have to do is live out your days and discover new things as you go. (BTW, nothing is impossible, just really difficult)

  • How do I contact succubus and can anyone tell me what this is all about I know most of what you all are saying but not all of it

  • How would I contact succubus like to know how this hole thing works I just found this website read all of the above and don’t have a clue what all of this is and what is true and what is wrong are demons succubus and incubus I gues friendly or trying to kill us I’m confused on all this can some one tell me what this

  • i would really like to know how to contact a succubus so if anyone is truly will to tell me how then im interested it dosent matter to to me what people think about me wanting to do this im tired of getting my heart broke so if this will work then im ok with it.

  • can someone tell me how to attract an incubus with out a ritual, i know that they are dangerous and all but i need to know what its like and maybe just maybe know if there is both a higher power and a evil one

    • I think that to attract an incubbis, you have to have a certain level of spiritual energy. Only some people can see spirits and entities – so attracting an inccubis may be tricky.

      Nevertheless, I have researched some information about this matter for you.
      It turns out that objects such as the ones below (when either possessed, placed around the home or recently eaten) make you more appealing to incubbi and succubi.

      red wine (or purple grape juice)
      lime juice
      walnut shells
      goosedown pillow
      piece of black leather or black lace or black satin
      almond oil
      black and red licorice sticks

      However, you must keep in mind the fact that most of the time, Inccubbi or Succubi will actively seek out people themselves who have high levels of spirit energy; meaning unless you have had previous encounters with either of these kinds of spirits, they may not feel comfortable enough around you to reveal themselves (but good luck anyway!)

      I hope this helps 😀



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