I’m serious.

how does a lay person protect themself from witch who gains ‘power’ from other peoples weaknesses ?


  • Don’t worry about it. A lot of wiccan magic depends on either focusing your own energy or the energy of others. As long as you simply don’t worry about it and live happily your own energy will protect you. As for this fake witch(a real one would never do something like this) if she/he really is trying to cast harmful spells the backlash will take care of them.

  • Don’t marry her. Actually if you fear her, you are fueling her power. I was a Male Witch in my younger years and from experience I can tell you the only ones witchcraft works on is people who don’t give God the time of day. You can have a field day with them, but you cannot even begin to touch a Christian. It simply does not work on Christians. Been there, done that. ♥ † ♥ ☺

  • Any power the witch has over you is purely psychological because you believe the witch has power.

    So, quit believing stupid crap.

  • Stop believing in superstitions.

    It’s pretty obvious that the only thing this person has to do is TELL you that they’re going to do some magic to hurt you, and you freak.

    They’re preying on your gullibility.

  • Nothing
    because they don’t and can’t gain power over you
    unless you are some weak willed idiot who lets people push them around.

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