i attended a class once in which the professor had these 2 metal sticks that actually told you how much chi you have based on the distance away from the two sticks. He called them chi rods. A person would sit in a chair and another person would point the chi rods at them; and as they moved closer, the sticks would either move in or move far away from each other based on your energy. Are chi rods what they call them?


  • Chi (or qi, as it is written in pinyin) is a mythical energy invented by the Chinese centuries ago when no one knew much about energy. (Indeed, they didn’t call it energy, a word that was not used as we use it today until the mid-19th century,)
    Since it doesn’t exist, chi can’t be detected except by an over-active imagination.

  • Chi has not even been scientifically proven to exist, so there’s no way to measure it. If you had conducted more careful experiments in class, you would have come up with less promising results. Even if dowsing worked (which also hasn’t been proven), how do you know it was reacting to chi and not water or something? And do you know how many so-called ‘psychics’ have failed tests to see if they could detect spiritual energy?

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