when ever i walk into my house you instantly feel this heavy wieght put on u!! so iM guessing its a negative energy….
i live with my parents & i think the negative energy comes from the arguing that we do with each other….my moms a skitzofrinic bipolar so my dad is always fighting with her & he gets fustrated because he cant do anything about my mom so he turns around & fights with me.
i ignore all the fighting that goes in my house so it doesnt stress me out but theres still this negative energy…it makes me really tired too like all i want to do when iM home is be lazy & sleep!
how do i get rid of it???
& please dont advise me to have everybody sit down & talk about the problems because if you never delt with a skitzofrinic bipolar before then iM telling you theres no way you can talk to one about their problem!!! & i dont want to put my mom on meds bc when she isnt flipping shes really sweet & loving & i dont want to change her!!
iM 18 & yea iM saving up to move out but my parents really need me to help them with rent so i cant really move out till i help them on their feet
& my dad fights with my mom because HELL my mom will get on ur nerves even tho she has a illness its like she has to fight with you for attention or something
& if we go to counsoling my mom will FLIPPPPP…when ever we talk to her about her she goes CRAZY…so we rather have her just a little crazy than full blown crazy!
& my parents are deaf also so its really hard to find a counsoler for deaf people


  • Make a place just for yourself in the house. Keep it calm there. Let that peace protect you and radiate out into your home. Meditate or pray, whatever you do. Soft, up beat music will help. Vanilla and lavender scents have been known to create a calming feeling. Keep the area free from clutter and if it is appropriate, open the window briefly each day. Move out if you can. Get outside help and stage an intervention if possible.

  • Me and my wife pray to Allah (almighty God) five times a day AlHamdu Lillah (Praise be to Lord).

    We have never experienced any negative energy in hour home ever. Some of our relatives have said to us, ” we feel peace in your home when we come here every time”.

    Shukr Alhamdu Lillah. Thanks God for His Mercy upon us.

  • people may not think this, but prayer really does help.

    (Psalm 9:9-10) . . .And Jehovah will become a secure height for anyone crushed, A secure height in times of distress. 10 And those knowing your name will trust in you, For you will certainly not leave those looking for you, O Jehovah.

    (Isaiah 40:31) . . .but those who are hoping in Jehovah will regain power. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not tire out.”

    He will help you get through this and help give you some strength and endurance and paitence, you just have to ask for it, use his NAME when you pray, the first thing about developing a relationship with God is to know he does have a name , it is Jehovah, many translations have removed his name entirely, so that makes people think he doesnt have a name.

    * (Psalm 83:18) . . .That people may know that you, whose name is Jehovah, You alone are the Most High over all the earth.

    I’m sorry you’re tired all the time, here is a comforting thought for that as well:
    (Psalm 29:11) . . .Jehovah himself will give strength indeed to his people. Jehovah himself will bless his people with peace.
    (Isaiah 40:29) . . .He is giving to the tired one power; and to the one without dynamic energy he makes full might abound. . .

    I’m sorry about your mom being sick, just know that all these conditions are only temporary. God has great plans for the earth, a world where no one is sick, where no one dies, where we dont have to worry about wars….

    (Isaiah 33:24) . . .And no resident will say: “I am sick.” The people that are dwelling in [the land] will be those pardoned for their error.

    (Revelation 21:4-5) 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.” 5 And the One seated on the throne said: “Look! I am making all things new.” Also, he says: “Write, because these words are faithful and true.”

    Prayer for you to get thru this is essential and it DOES work. It will give you peace and Jehovah God will give you a way to handle things better instead of getting frustrated. I know its hard but do your best to be calm and mild, even if they are fighting.

    Hope the scriptures help, they always help me when I am feeling stressed and down. This world we are living in today is just beating all of us up, our faith and relationship we have with God and putting our hope in him and knowing he has the ability and desire and plan to fix things.

    Thats what we are praying for in the Lords prayer, for his Kingdom to come on earth.. that Kingdom is a real government, ruled by God. We know that man made governments have totally failed in solving any kind of lasting peace, a government ruled by a perfect God will bring perfect and lasting conditions.

    Stay positive, I hope it gets better for you, I really do.

  • don’t be to hard on your mother in so far as she’s feeling that negative energy… music is a great healer of energy… play loud positive music.. stay away from religion it is the major cause of negative energy…. I have a clearer explanation about energy and how to work to heal it with in yourself in my web site check it out …..http://www.gypsys-emporium.com/emotional perhaps sharing these methods with your parents can help.. seem like they can both use it..

  • OMG. I’m serious about this; that sounds exactly like my family. If your mom also has ADD, then we have the same family. But, what I do, is I just take more positive influences. Like, listening to more positive music, etc. Then, it’s like a ripple affect. Your parents will see you being happy, then they’ll be in a good mood. Just keep in mind one thing; make sure to let them how you feel. I know, you asked not to be told to talk it out with them, but honestly, I did it, and it took a little while, but they started to make little changes, which eventually turned into bigger changes, so on, so on.

  • Oh my darling, I feel bad for you, has she been diognosed? If she has this problem and it has been decided by the proper Specialist that it is bipolar, you must understand that the medicine would even things out so that she is able to function normally on a regular basis, and not have the bad days. I would have loved for you to have given your age, because if you are a teen, which I am assuming you are, you will be able to better deal with this as you get older, you need someone you can confide in sweetheart, like a paster of a church or and Aunt or just a friend. Please get help for your mom, so you can have a peaceful life, and help her to have one to. Good luck and God bless you.

  • You really need to talk to one of your parents about this. My father is bipolar, and I have experienced that tension in the household during the high points of the manic phases. If your mother is schizophrenic, she could be a danger to you as well as your father. She needs psychiatric help, especially if this occurs often. For you, I would suggest meditating. It is an art that will allow you to dispel the negative energy that seems to be affecting your daily life. In any case, please talk to someone. One of my cousins suffers from schizophrenia and despite taking medication, he still sometimes gets to the point where he has to be hospitalized. If your mother’s condition is left untreated, it could be worse. I wish you the best of luck.. don’t hesitate to contact me if you seek further advice or counsel.

  • Yeah my grams house is like that too. her and my grampa always fight because he losing his mind… he’s a cool guy, and they also have their dead beat 42 year old child living with them who refuses to cut his yellow bleached out hair… he looks like a crack head from the 80’s, anyway he is a crack head, and got 2 dui’s in a week and he’s a baby, he doesn’t work, they support them and he cries and flips out when he doesn’t get his way…

    they always fight 24/7, my grampa wants him to leave and my grama wont let him…

    unfortunately i lived with them for about 2 years and it there is nothing you can do to change it unless you move out…

    negative energy can’t be cured by lighting, and fung shuei… the only way to get away from it is to leave… no one in my family will go to my grams house because it’s such a fiasco and it just takes your mood from like the best day ever, to suicidal thoughts… seriously….

    i’m sorry you have to deal with this… if you are old enough to leave that would be your best bet.

  • make sure you have good lighting, no clutter, and if it’s possible I would air the house out and clean. Just light some candles one day when you are alone, put on some good, upbeat tunes, open all the windows and dust/clean. I always feel like it’s a new home when I’ve accomplished this. Good luck to all of you, really!

  • Are you sure its just not in your head? or part of you? Maybe when you walk in, you know what you might have to deal with and it makes you feel that way when you enter into the house.

  • I don’t think that anybody here would be qualified to give you advice to a serious problem like this. You should seek professional help, if you can’t afford it, talk to your councelor at school or find an office of social services in your area.

  • Walk around in your socks, then touch your mom. The negative energy will jump from you to her in a giant spark.

    Seriously, how dumb does your dad have to be to fight with your bipolar mom?

    Seriously again, wouldn’t it be easier to get some counseling for your family and some drugs for your mom than to try to look for the answer in some vague new-agey negative spiritual energy quest?

  • A very intelligent question you have asked. It is not that if you all sat together and discuss about the problem and it gets resolves. Again it would lit up some dayor rather. The only solution to this problem is .. you.. as a matured one should emphazize the need and urgency for the positives to flow into home. It would definitely not fetch any good results with your dad but speak to your mom. Make her understand and though it would be a difficult part, it would be the neat solution. After all, world wars have been resolved discussing in tables.

  • If you like the sweet and loving part of your Mom, then get her on the meds, so that side can stay present longer and more often, eventually for good.

    As for the rest of it, if you aren’t going to help her then there is not much that can be done about the “negative energy”. It will continue to build.

    Try meditation and opening a window.

  • How do I get rid of the negative energy in my house……I send him to the store! LOL
    I’m sorry for your situation…I don’t know what to advise. Good luck sweetie!

  • Your whole family needs to get professional help, this is way behond sorting out at a family meeting.

    Especially if you father still argues with your mother dispite knowing she has an illness!

  • burn sage. go to a hippie store and say you need something for smudging. they will give you something to burn and get rid of the negative energy. also if it is conscious then ask it to leave.

  • Lights, bright lit rooms = bright lit attitudes.

    The right color of the room can make a huge difference.

    Think of a room painted black with red outlines. YOu go into the room and you will feel horrible. Take that same room and paint it light yellow or off white and it doesnt look so bad anymore right?

    Thants why black rooms dont exist! But there are still rooms with colored walls that could be change. What color are your walls, and could you possibly change them?

  • Whoa.


    You will need the eye of a frog, one bats wing, a salamander tail….

    Nah, I’m kidding. The truth of the matter is that there is no quick fix. Your parents and you should all go see a counsellor. Having lived with people who have had schizophrenia, bipolar and clinical depression I can only say – Praise psychiatric medicine! Your mother needs medication. Your father needs to relax. You need to spend less time at home. Perhaps you should try and take a load off your family – do some chores etc..

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