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How do you get rid of a succubus?

the demon, if say someone i knew were being slowly drained of life by a succubus, how would you stop such a demon. I mean you can’t exorcise it, since it’s not technically possessing someone. what do you do?!?!?


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  • For one dont listen to christians after all they are the cause of wars and intolerance. As for ridding a demon theirs charms and reaserch upon these ancient demons considering like the jinn they were around before the bible.normally sumarians and that area have recorded rituals of how to deal with the succubi and other demons.

  • One thing you can do is burn white sage and devils shoelace, plus sprinkle salt around the person who is being effected. Or contact any body of witch ancestry, it is likely they will still know “Blood magic.” A very powerful form of magic, however, it is crucial that they actually know how to use it. Any slight messup can be quite… Messy to say the least.
    Best of luck.

  • my dad married a succubus. everything she did from the start was too much exactly how he likes a relationship to go. right after they married she began doing horrible things to me and somehow he never noticed… she manipulated him into not seeing how she was abusing me and she drove me from my old home when i was younger. my dad is getting weaker and more ’empty’ acting everyday and noone believes me that she is evil. please help me… he isnt doing well and i dont even see them anymore hardly. i dont know what to do. at first i thought i was doing something wrong.. i was a little girl and i didnt understand. but i knew she wasnt right, and noone else could see and i hated myself. but when i got older i knew there was something way more wrong with the picture. i told her she didnt scare me anymore and she stopped the car and made me get out. i sat on the side of the road for around 8 to 10 hours. but she doesnt controll my feelings anymore after that. but my dad… he doesnt see. he is blind to whats happening

    • I am searching the internet on how to get rid of a succubus as well. My 18 year old son is afflicted by a succubus. this young girl is using erotic manipulation to make him behave in ways that are waaaay out of character for him. She has lied and coerced him into believing what she tells him….and she has now gotten pregnant! I work powerful magic myself and work with the goetic spirits, but they have been unable to touch this. Every time i try to make a move to block of remove her or to protect my son it has been blocked or deflected. I am getting desperate here. So i can understand what you are going through. i cannot get close to this girl at all. She keeps herself out of my presence completely. My son hears my words but acts oddly when i speak to him. Religious methodology is out of the question because they have no idea what they are actually dealing with on these matters. This is big and this is powerful, and there seems to be a movement of some kind going on in the spirit world because this kind of thing is becoming much more prevalent. Has anyone actually removed a succubus remotely (without being in their immediate presence)? I am not a regular to this blog site. I have never even responded to any blog ever. So I must be in pretty dire straights to even do this. I just hope someone has some kind of experiential advice regarding.

      • my name is Todd w. I have an unfortunately have an abundance of personal information I never wanted,it will change your life in ways you cannot even imagine I am stil learning with my wife of 8 years and 12 total . where there are 1 there are more we deal with around 3 if they are into other things like drugs they will do WHATEVER to get them if you want some real answers and your serious I will try and help however what I’ve learned has been through direct experience the hard way one succubus I’ve spoke with through my wifes’ body said she did not like the name succubus she preffered the name IT. will try to help

        • Hi I am not much for this whole demonology thing but, I have had some strange things happening to me lately. I am female, 18 years old and I have been raped in my dreams for almost 4 years now. My boyfriend told me I needed to get help… He says that its a succubus and I am not sure what to think… If you could contact me that would be awesome:)

      • linda i am from india , hindu.. We have excellent rituals to cure this and nail it out 100% ..But you need to apply your mind a little like meditation and diverting mind…Do you have “ISHA-YOGA” centers somewhere close by your house? There are simple rituals that you can do it at home every tuesdays and fridays for 3 months using lemon and some red-turmeric-powder…But the person who is suffering must do it! Mind must be under control of the person..how is your son OR do you need any suggestion please reply…

      • Hi, have you had any success with your son? I am in a similar situation, curious about how to help. Any information and/ or techniques you’ve found would be greatly appreciated.

      • Linda dif you ever figure out how to remove a succubus remotely? I am having a similar issue. Any help appreciated! Thanks

    • hi… are you okay now? i can help provided the mind of your dad must be under his control… you told your dad is blind..Lauren i cannot understand one thing, how does a succubus drive car? isn’t she spiritual? how can a spiritual-immortal being drive a car? what did your mother say? and why did he marry succubus? will your dad listen to what you say him? does he mentally and psychically under his control give me some details…Or how can i help you and what kind of help you want? ask me..btw i am a hindu , we have excellent remedy..but you need to divert your mind little + focus on what your work is..Don’t worry! ..pls reply me if in case you need any-other suggestion.. peace

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