My friend has a ouija board that she wants to get rid of, but before she does she wants us to use it to see who is in her current home. When she’s alone she starts hearing things, like foot steps above her while shes in the living room or something. Also the other day she told me she shut the bathroom door, and it clicked she checked it twice, when she came back upstairs it was opened. So what should we do after we have used it for the last time?


  • You can throw the board away but what ever you let in won’t leave, you need to have the house and the board blessed. Just because you might think you have made contact with a family member or a spirit doesn’t mean that is who it is. You could have made contact with a demon and it could be telling you what you want to hear to gain access to your residence.

  • Make sure you recycle. Plastic stuff with plastic stuff and cardboard stuff with cardboard stuff. After it’s recycled maybe it will be made into a monopoly game.

  • Oh my gosh. Me and my friend just used it and afterwards we got a really bad feeling inside cuz we knew that what we did was a huge mistake because i know it makes everything worse. And now i am not sure how to get rid of it without harming my family and friends. Please help me!! And all of you out there who want to use it don’t do it! just trust me!

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