I see people knock people out with it and are able to move people?
How do they do it?


  • Kyle if I had that answer I would bottle it and make a fortune. Now I have seen the video of the Ki or Chi master being beaten up by the fighter and I understand about programing students and making them more perceptible to something like a knock out by simply touching them and all that type of malarkey.

    However I don’t think that explains it all away as total bunk. I have met and spared with several people who trained in martial arts and everything they hit you with and anything that they blocked hurt. I don’t mean hurt you just a little and because they were using a lot of power because they weren’t. And when I say hurt I mean hurt as I have a high threshold for pain but sparring with them, doing one steps, working on techniques and training with them was a benefit and so it was a trade-off in a lot if ways for me.

    I also look at the fact of fighting and when I have hit or kicked people. I have kicked a guy with a front kick and his feet did not touch the ground for five feet and he outweighed me by a hundred pounds and he flew that distance, it was not just a push. Now it does not always work that way but I have noticed on several occasions when the distance was just right, the best blend of speed and power along with the proper breathing, but yet little effort applied really had pretty amazing effects and I have done this with both side and front kicks. Can I do it every time? No, but I would like to be able to and strive for that.

    When I used to compete on the national circuit the weight ranges being much wider I would often fight guys as big and tall as me and if fighting for Grand champion there was always the heavy weight, light heavy weight and middle weight guys to fight for that. Many of them would comment afterwords how someone so small and light as me could punch so hard with a reverse punch. This is one of the reasons why I would never throw that punch to the face in tournament competition for fear of breaking someones face or opening a gash and being DQ ed for causing blood unless I took something off of it. The body being more thickly padded and muscled though can more easily take such a shot but even those bigger, stronger, heavier fighters did not like my reverse punch and would avoid it if they could and would tell me so sometimes afterwords. I can do this much easier and better with my punches than my kicks but I think such things are examples of what you are asking about.

    I use the example of someone picking up a rock with my students and throwing it at a telephone pole twenty-five feet away and hitting it dead center. You can probably pick up another twenty-five rocks and not repeat that for the most part. Some one that can obviously has mastered the ability to aim and throw something at a target and hit it with some measure of success. A good MLB pitcher I think is a good example of this and suppose that was possible with martial arts and those techniques that you learn and practice.

    Being able to mount the best blend of speed, power, coordinated muscle action and breathing and having the ideal distance are all aspects of this I think and fit into this somewhere. To me that in itself is enough without even going down the metaphysical aspects of Chi and Ki and their existence although I think there is something to that as well. If you figure it all out and can prove it to the naysayers let me know as it will also help and aid my understanding of things also. Concepts like Ying Yang and energy flow are all also aspects of this that when tied together with what I mention above help to explain some of it and how better to accomplish it I think for me.

  • Roughly the same way a man can get a group of people to believe there’s a god living in a flying saucer and the only way to meet it is to drink poison laced Koolaid

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