Does the medium ever mention that a bad event will happpen rather than just good news?


  • I see the future in my dreams it’s not always clear and Im never sure of what will really happen but I can always relate to every one of my dreams I would like some help some knowledge on how I do it I don’t know where to turn

  • I am a very exerienced psychic, and the only individual that has given someone correct information is kitelemon. More than anything it’s infused knowledge into your mind. I’ve stopped two suicided from people hundreds of miles away. Prevent two deaths, one where it was gas spilling into a house, made a call and instructed life saving precautions. Yes, it comes like the following “mind stops, thought jumps in, but it’s not yours because you were thinking of something completely different, ‘Danger, call jane”, ‘i call jane’ etc. Seeing the future is like one of those dreams that so life like that when you wake up, you could swear it happened for reals. they are quick clips and snapshots. Symbolism over a person is another one, for example, if I think of john, and I see the image of a scorpion, or a snake, then what’s is relevant here. Snakes and Scorpions are poisonous, thus, his intentions are poisonous and hurtful, the the thought kicks in, “Avoid”, so, you respenct the voice/thought and obey. I feel absolute pitty for those that say that it’s the devil or some such, they are every human beings inherit abilitys. If you would just put other needs before your own selfish deeds you would be rewarded with the knowledge of the holy spirit/sacred light/christ consciousnous, etc. As I psychic, I can tell you that these abilities are those used by the incarnation of the christ sould, jesus. He could heal, he could predict, see auras, and detach his sould from the body and visit the spirit world, like the man named edgar cayce. FYI, the third eye is the intuitive psychic ability, and the crown is the clairvoyant pyschic ability. I will only say this, don’t add opinions about these things if you can’t do it yourself, rather, learn so that you CAN put in your two cents.

  • Hello

    A Medium is someone who acts as a channel for loved ones, I believe that you mean Clairvoyant.

    Yes we sometimes have to give people news that disappoints them, but a good psychic will take responsibility for anything ‘bad’ & approach the subject appropriatly.


  • for me, i can either ask or it just becomes information in my head. when you think something, it’s not a voice (i hope) and you don’t see words appear in your head, right? it’s just there. same with me. sometimes, info comes like a command. for instance, one day, i was doing everyday stuff. then suddenly, i think, Send flowers to Jen’s mom today.
    But there is no relevant connection to anything, anywhere, except i know who Jen is, and the need to do it feels like red flags important all over it. So I called a friend in the same town to get a bouquet to jen for her mom. A week later, Jen’s mom died. Didn’t see or hear that in my message, just flowers. Connection? to you i dunno. For me yes.
    That was confirmed later, when jen’s mom showed up in a dream later to thank me. (skeptic thinking, i wanted to get that thanks) I dont know Jen’s mom. Go figure. Jen’s mom (i dont even know her name) then shows up again 2 days later and tells me to tell jen to tell Garrett (jen’s son) to take the job in atlanta and get over it.
    I didn’t know Garrett was in atlanta, but i told jen, and Garrett is evidently doing great. Go figure again.
    if I specifically ask, i get statements that are thoughts, but specific. translation can be tricky. ex: (this is cheesy, but funny) my husband wanted to know if his favorite team was going to win (sorry y’all bad use, i know) so i asked (powers that be?) and the response was, “They will win. They will win it second period.” hockey 3 periods. Now the win part is given. The actual win may be they score the win factor within second period, not meaning there won’t be other scoring in the third. Because of the play in second, this will be the determining factor. Game, they win, second period was their winning factor. The teams each scored a point in the final period, but because of second period, our team had won before the final period. Should I ask stupid stuff like that? No.
    Get right answers yes, but i usually just open myself mentally and the important stuff gets through. The trick is to pay attention. I still dont know the source of info.

  • Since i was a small child, I have had an intuition about things both good and bad. I have worked with mediums trying to hoan in on gifts that have been in my family for many generations. I “sense” good things, but there are definitely times, that i feel bad things too. They run through my mind like watching an old movie reel. I knew my husband was going to have an accident, and i knew my grandfather was not going to survive after his surgery because of an over site by the Physician. I am discreet about whom i share my information with, and often feel that my gift is more of a burden. I think as my children get bigger and I have more time to focus on me again, I will be more likely to embrace my talent.

  • most commoningly it is called a WAG or in some cases a SWAG..scientific wild ass guess…..
    OKay nopw that I have thrownthem under the bus..Ther are things in life that is not well understood and thier are times that we “know” something that hasnt happened yet…it is a feeling….and not something I would put much store in for reliability nor accuracy….certainly wouldnt pay for it

  • Psychics use a certain kind of medium in foretelling events that are yet to happen. Others use a crystal ball while others the deck of cards. Edgar Cayce is said to see visions by taking a camera snapshot of his forehead. Nostramus uses a cow’s liver

  • I don’t know. I think they stalk you. But than again, how do they know you are going to go see them………….I don’t really know, but i think that they can sometimes tell you some bad news.

  • I have been giving readings since I was very young and I have always told 100% of the truth. It would be lieing to do anything else, some people have come to me wanting to only hear good news and I have told them I can only offer what I see and if they want a fluffed up reading go on ebay and buy one for 99p.

  • Taping into their spirit guides helps Just like when i type on the computer to a friend well the words i type get to there destination by a current of electrical charge through copper wire now when i use wireless the words i send to whom ever travel through the air and bounces from one antenna to another ,you can not see that happening. .So the psychic taps into the that which can not be seen with naked eye .and the deeper they dive into the ether’s the more they see . Hope this gives you the insight of a psychic.

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