• Join a martial arts dojo and train, it s not an easy process , our master took years to learn how to use his chi

  • Lift your hand, grab something, and pull or push it. But focus really hard on the way your body is moving while you do it.

    Either that, or A+B, < ^ >

  • Awww, you must seek yoda young jedi. the famous jedi master you must find. for 400 yrs he has trained jedi, he is the last of the master that can teach you this

  • you can try to focus on something that gives a lot of energy, like the sun or the moon. Try to collect the energy with your mind and collect it in your body. Hit it on an object…
    This is my theory, I’ve read that somewhere… if it works? well try… it didn’t work for me….I gave up after a few nights trying when I couldn’t sleep =P

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