i really want to kno how to get rid of this demons or negative energy. sometimes at night time when im ready to go to sleep and every1 in my house is sleeping i hear noises. one night i heard sum1 bangin on my door while the other night i heard some1 stepping on a bucket i have at home that makes noise when some 1 usually steps on it. i also hear footsteps and like slididng. theres alot of anger that goes on in my house. my dad is very violent and often takes everythin out on me or my mom. me and him dont like each other at all. i was told by someone that its the negative spirits in my house brought by him. i would really really like to know how do i get rid of this kind of energy?. i get really scared and i dont like it. =[ thanks


  • I wouldn’t say that it’s evil…but from what you gave me I can’t tell. It does sound noisy one.
    If might very well be a negative energy one. I say this becasue the anger in the house is feeding the entity. This mostly happends with negative one, though. I would say move out of the house, and get a devorice too.
    Also, with all of the things going on in the house I would get a blessing, and/or a minor exersism.
    Has your dad always been like this? Or did it start after you moved into the house? It could very well be that a demon/or really strong evil entity is sorta possessing your dad. This doesn’t mean what you think it might. This means that it’s influenceing your dad to make the wrong chooses. In that case get your dad out of the hosue, and see if that makes a difference.

    From what you’ve told me I really can’t get a good idea, so please email me.

  • Firstly if you follow any religion it should have some advice what to do in such a situation.

    Here’s my idea of what’s going on, and how to deal with it.

    If you feel able to do intercession (with an personal choice of suitable Deity) give it a try. I’m pagan and feel that you don’t need a priest to intercede on you behalf. If you feel that you don’t either, the ritual/spell that you might be looking for is called a banishing (many many different forms, you should be able to find one that suits you, on-line).

    That said I recon that there are many types of spirits, and given the noisy, and childlike nature of the supernatural incidents you describe, I recon it could be down to the “simplest” type which I (and others) refer to as elemental (have heard them referred to as gnomes. They might also be what is responsible for poltergeist type activity)

    They tend to be attracted towards “energy”, in this case they seem to have latched on to that produced by violence. The energy produced by anger/violence might be of high intensity, but it isn’t very “filling”. Once they start to become hungry again, they seek to encourage continued production of the energy by winding up/annoying everybody.

    Ask if these entities would perform a useful task, and if they do reward them with “nice” energy simply by noticing that the job has been done, and saying thanks if the jobs been done.

    (I guess you have people collect empty your houses bins. They’ll (usually) come out for special rubbish like old mattresses etc which are too large to fit in the bin. After they’re collected it, you’ll say thanks. Does NOT mean you are their friends, just that you noticed what’s been done.)

    To do this. Simply address them out-loud with “what is going on?” If you don’t get a clear answer then ask if they could do a useful task. Remember to say thanks if it seem to get done.

    Giving (low grade) supernatural entities jobs is a large part of “The Elves and the Shoemaker”. It also says what happens if you are ungrateful.

  • Everyone here has some great answers. I particularly like Heleyna’s answer to this. Water absorbs energy, and salt removes the energy; use salt water. Im also going to recommend something that is very important as well. As Heleyna mentioned, feng shui is good. All in all, it is making your house look tidy and clean, it will help with the cluttering of energy and “negativity” that can affect your phyche or even make you stressed in general. Also, the primary concern is not the negativity that goes on your house, but the SOURCE. The anger described that goes on in the house is very likely the SOURCE of such energies or at least a major contributor to the problem. First thing is first, you yourself must be strong and try to make things positive. Do not let your parents anger affect you, nor your mom even if she is a victim. If you can master yourself, you can help alleviate the situation. Try to work with your parents, and try to work with the problems that goes on, that is probably the best way to get rid of this energy. In addition, my blessings to you.

    Edit: Also, do not be afraid of the energy, that is the best way to confront it and the best way to dispel it. Face it as you face life. Cheers!

  • I would actually call in a priest and have the house blessed. I would put holy water in all four corners of the house, Iwould also put blessed salt in all four corners of the house. This will work – the spirits are comfortable there for a reason – they were probably invited at some point – they will not be comfortable with holy water and holy salt spread around the house in the name of Jesus. Do it immediately. Do not make friends with these lost spirits.

  • salt is very purifying and healing. sprinkle salt in the corners of your house where the energy is most negaitve. you can also spray a lavender mist to clear up stagnant, angry energies in any room. clapping or any loud, vibrational noise can get rid of bad energy. (bells, or windchimes work too) ever heard of ‘crystal clearing’? I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard it works well. look into feng shui as well, that will help.

  • spirits are lonely, you just have to talk to em in a clam and relaxed voice and spark up a conversation, politly ask them to be more quiet when you are going to bed, just make friends with em a bit and they will leave you alone

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