• i have sufferd the consequences of a man who has tried to force my galfriend love him.the gal hates me like a demon and i know what is happening but i cant tell her she will think am lying to have her back

  • Black Magic can seem like the right thing to do when you are desperate for love or anything really, but it’s not. White Magic (good magic) is what you need. It can still go wrong and calmer still applies. Calmer is when bad things you do to others will come back to you. If i was the girl then i would want you to love me, and casting a spell on them doesn’t mean you love them, it means you’re obsessed with them. Just remember be yourself. Love her, not want her.

  • Black magic is a devotion by the devil so if you force a girl to love you using black magic you will never have a happy end ask god for love that’s the best magic you can do

  • I nned a answer bc the girl I loved siad she couldn’t date and suddenly she dates my bestfriend and my hearts Brock :'(

    • *need
      *an answer
      *why did you use loved instead of love? Are you no longer in love?
      *heart is

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