I missed a total of 3 days since starting college in this specific reading class of this stupid psychotic instructor. I missed the days due to illness and she doesn’t give a Fudge about me or my sickness. My friends told me to stop being lazy and do her work and come to her class. I am dsylexic and I do things a little slower and I missed the days due to illness and they think I’m slacking. I’ve done about everything I can to keep up with the school work but it’s just too much, I also have tried everything to stay healthy. All I want is to finish this stupid degree and go to vietnam and marry a girl there and this stupid instructor is making my life miserable. I want to drop out of college and go get a job and marry that vietnamese girl but I’m not that stupid to give up on college just yet. How come college instructors love to torture you ?? I have 4 instructors and all the other instructors are nice and caring and they work along with me, It’s only this old lady hag who loves to torture me.


  • That’s LIFE… not EVERYONE will be “in love” with you.

    If you need to pass her class, then ignore her, get the work done, and pass the class and be rid of her.

    BTW… this really is not an ETIQUETTE question… but thanks for asking!

    Have a polite day.

  • There’s a website where you can review the professor before you choose his/her particular course and it’s pretty accurate. The website is called ratemyprofessor.com.

    I never dropped off from a course after I checked the reviews from this website. Good luck

  • You may well be dyslexic but you also appear mildly insane as you never stop going on about this Vietnamese girl you’re supposed to be marrying.
    This is Yahoo! Answers where people ask serious questions and hopefull get genuine answers.
    Nobody is interested in the continuing saga of you going off to Vietnam

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