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How can you tell if there is a negative energy/spirit in your house?

Please read this question with an open- mind.

I know this may seem far fetched, but about a year ago my fiance’ and myself moved into a house.

Not long after we moved in, I started to develop severe depression. I can only explain it as an intense negative emotion, but mostly when I am at home. A feeling of complete sadness overwhelms me almost as soon as I walk in the door.

About a year ago, one of my neighbors told us that the lady that used to live here shot herself and died in my living room. Could this be the cause of this negative energy in my house? My fiance’ said that he gets a negative feeling when he is home too.

I have lived with my fiance’ before with no problems, so I’m pretty sure it’s not because I live with him that I feel this way at home. Anyway, any advice would be great, because I am often home alone due to my fiance’s work schedule, and it’s getting to the point where I hate to be home.

Thanks and please no sarcastic comments, please keep an open -mind.

OK, so apparently, the whole no sarcastic thing didn’t set in here. Although I must say that some of your comments were amusing. Yea I probably do suffer from depression, but I still think my house is haunted and that doesn’t help me at all. I do also believe that if I didn’t know what happened in my house, I would be better off. And for all the helpful advice, thanks.

For everyone else, well I guess I’m glad I’m here to entertain your bored selves.

Also to answer some of your questions.I do live by an Exxon Mobile, and train tracks. I also don’t have a basement, and I have heard that sometimes if you don’t have a basement raydon( don’t know the correct spelling) can seep up from the ground.

If that means anything. My house is pretty old and we may have mold and old paint as well.

And basement Cat, I also forgot to add that my electrical system is very outdated. So if you can give me any more info on what you were saying, it would be very helpful, thanks. Because that does make more sense then having a spirit in my house 🙂

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  • I recently started having bad energy start with in my house. I came home and all the screws to a door were lying side by side on the floor, and the cat was going crazy right in that area also/ i also started having really vivid dreams of sadness or fear. So i smudged my house and put black crystals over the doorways…helped a lot.

  • I moved into my house 3 years ago this July and I don’t like living here anymore. We found out shortly after we moved in that the previous owners son died in this house he was only a teenager. Ever since I found this out I have not felt right in this house. We have re done the whole house but still doesn’t feel right the only time I’m really happy is out of the house I dread going home and also get an overwhelming sadness in the house is this just a coincidence or do you think there is more to it?

  • You who are having spirt propels need first to accept jesus as your savior. Any pla e I move in to i pray out loud. Lord jesus pleas get rid of any and all evil who can harm anyone or pets in this house

    Lord I trust you and rebuke satan. Lord clear the ground and all things on this property. Blessings all people and pet and any items brought into this house. IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST I CAST OUT ALL EVIL LIVING HERE. I pray that this house will be clear of any one or items who is causing problems to our family. In JESUS holy name .

  • Yes, you are probably feeling leftover negative energy. I feel it instantly when I walk in to my mothers house. Try saging the house. That is known to clear out negative energy. You can look online to find out how to do it . I decided to move back into my mothers house to save on rent, and I had to get out of there. There was so much negative energy in there and like a feeling of depression, an. As soon as I got out of there I didn’t feel it anymore. So yes it very well is most likely the energy in the house. And being that the lady that lived there before you committed suicide, she was most likely depressed. Definitely try staging.

  • I definitely do believe in “energies” and from my experience they do travel along train tracks. Keeping the house windows open as often as possible and filling the house with as much natural light as possible definitely helps, create a cross ventilation/breeze to allow all the stagnant air to be moved out.

    You also mentioned that your electrical system is old? This can be hugely negative to your body and mental well being. Your body creates positive ions and so does the electrical wiring in your house (unless it is earthed correctly) too much positive ions in the body creates inflammation thus leading to a physical sluggishness and general feeling of being unwell, Which in turn messes with your psyche – depression, etc. (Mold does this also).
    Replacing your electrical system would be the best option but who has that kind of money laying around. Having a technician from your electricity provider come to the house and check if/or how well your house is eathed would be a good idea (being earthed reduces the positive ions -the bad ones- and increases the negative ions -the good ones-)
    Correctly earthing your house will help to clear that heavy energy feeling you are experiencing.
    You can also do this to your body. Bare feet on fresh earth, or wet concrete also is good. The best is to stand in the surf, the ocean is the best source of negative ions. If you can’t make it to the surf, a moderately flowing stream/river is the second best option.
    If you don’t know anything about earthing, think of it like this-
    Your body absorbed positive ions(little electrical floaties that create more electricity in your body) your body cant release these positive ions by itself. When standing bare feet on the earth or in the surf, you are creating a circulatory electrical current, releasing the positive ions from your body into the earth and absorbing negative ions into the body (negative ions are like empty batteries that are going to absorbed all the ‘loose’ energy in your body and thus become positive ions and released back into the earth- through your feet.)

    Ever walk into an electrical store (where all the switched on tv’s are on display) and you can just feel that buzzing/humming energy coming from them? That positive ions -the badies.

    My advice, try earthing your house. Loose energy really messes with the body.
    Windows open and lots of natural light.

    • It’s possible that’s there’s more, there is something l want to suggest that you try.
      I want you to take a broom and start sweeping the sealings on down the walls really clean every spec of dust any durt you can find in your house, l want you in each room and sweep or vacuum the floors of each room in the house. And sweep any remaining dust or durt out your front back or side doors, sweeping it out side.
      After that get some sage sticks and burn them in each room while facing north say the prayer while facing south east and then west saying a prayer do this in each room of your house any prayer. I learned this technique from a bunch of Indian women lve done this to my house a few times it’s really helped me.

  • I have just moved in to my new flat . I was very fit very up beat and took care of my self . But now I can not be bothered with the gym don’t care what I eat and feel And drinking a lot for know reson . I am stressed and panic all the time . Is it the flat I don’t know?

  • I really need help I’m 13 and my parents got divorced when I was 3. My dad bought a house 2 years a go at the moment I go to my dads every other weekend. Ever since he bought the house I’ve need feeling really depressed and hear things in the night, when we get up nothing’s fallen or out of place. Sometimes I feel like someone’s watching me. The house feels heavy and whenever I tell my dad he just laughs I recently told him agein and he now thinks I’m crazy and need mental help I’m on the way to not wanting to go there anymore and I now I’m not crazy because I feel fine at my mums and basically anywhere else my dad is now very depressive. Can someone please help! Urgent!!!

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