How can you tell if someone practice using voodoo or witchcraft? My dad married a nut and it has been told to the family that the woman he married practice witchcraft or voodoo. There has been some strange things to happen and my family are very curious.

Also if it is practiced, how can it be stopped?


  • This is all just dumb. Witchcraft is a nature based religion. It can be good or bad. There are more good. They care more about being good to people and helping the planet. They dont sacrifice things. They dont summons the dead. Before you talk about the devil.. Do a little research. Know what you are talking about before you look so dumb. Witches are a blessing to the universe and planet. They promote peace and harmony. What a bunch of narrow minded people.

  • Witches don’t believe in the devil, sure there are bad witches but the majority that I know personally are good. They don’t use their magic to hurt anyone or self gain. They use thier powers to heal and protect themselves as well as others. You really should find out what type of magic she uses if she is indeed a witch, anyone can be one you can’t just tell , I wouldn’t of known if they didn’t tell me. They don’t have anything that stands out from another person. Also therw are Christian witches. Witches can choose which gods or goddesses they wish to follow.

  • I was told by churches that I may have a bad spirit on me of the supernatural kind. I know it was done by a witch, and I know the people and their names. However, I just wanna be free and get baptized under Christ and put the nightmare behind me. If you need curses or demons removed I recommend Catholic Church or a Synagogue if Jews can remove the curses.

    • I met this man from west Africa we been talking for 3 years but lately I have been having weird vision dreams with him standing over me and women standing on each side of the scary part is that I am awaken or a old old woman standing over me with a bomb fire after that it feel like something is draining my energy I started to feel really weak so I started praying and soon it com down now I’m talking in Language I have no understanding of what it means I said that I was going to record my self when I start speaking in these language but these people in these black robes you can’t see there face due to hood on the robe I often wonder what do this mean ? And why

      • Warlocks and witchcraft is real. Spirits of satan to destroy people lives, by causing them to serve /live for him by destroying, killing, and stealing the life our LORD SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST has for us. satan want to take as many people to hell with him. God has given us power over him. You have to get in a Bible Believing Church, Holy Ghost filled, studying the Bible so it can teach you how to fight satan. That darkness represent him. You have power over it. Command him to “Go in the Name of Jesus Christ.

  • Only Jesus can save and protect you!!! He is real and alive and his word says that no weapon formed against you shall prosper!! I will bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you!!! Witchcraft is not of G od he forbids us to do these things. If you suspect anyone did something to you get into a pentecostal church and get saved and ask the pastor to break any curse spoken over you. Anything done in the name off Jesus is done deal!!! Speak it out loud no weapon formed against you shall prosper in the name of jesus and say i cover myelf and children and family with the blood of jesus. Luke 10:19 says God has given us all power over the enemy read your bible and find out who you are in christ a mighty warrior!!!!! Paula white usually preaches on those things google her on youtube and watch her sermon. Jesus is real and alive read psalm 91 the prayer of protection!!!

  • Oh I know,I am Wiccan Priestess, brought up in this ancient Religion for generations, and when my mom was widowed this guy started to date her but his house was full of crosses with Jesus nailed bloody to them,telling her SHE was a sinner, my grieving mother, I knew, by the “signs”, this is not I follower of the Light!
    You See Nature, Plants, Birds, maybe if you look closer there is a broom cauldron, somewhere a pentagram.

  • I agree with enchanted gypsy. I am also a witch and i have short brown/blond hair, a small rounded nose and no moles. I do have scars but only faint ones on the back if my hand when i was attacked by a large cat.

  • the devil is the king of your bible and learn the word of god and you will know a lie when you hear one.because god is the way, the truth and the light.voodoo,witch,channel ect… all of the devil.

    • if you feel as though things in your life are BAD and feel as though someone has placed a spell on you.. you best find a True Psychic and they believe in GOD God is good and they will remove the spell, Read your bibile, God is good, witchcraft, voo doo is BAD see a REAL person whom has the gift to help you lift the spell.. and put a protection around you from all evil

  • but how do you send ba all the bad things they send to you, or if someone is trying to kill you using a witchcraft how do you make the witchcarft go back to them and kill them?

    • Need someone to help me , what to do or fight back if someone if tring to kill me with a Vodoo or by using witchcraft. it has been confirmed by priest, Psychis and so forth more that three times now. what can I do to protect me and my family?

      • You can many things. Pray, cast protection, have a priest come and purge the evil from your home, have some one who is familiar with the workings of curses come and set up protection in your home, or even negate it through various means.

      • like I said before find a person with the gift to help you a real PSYCHIC will help you they believe in God and spiritual healing and they will help you lift the witchcraft and voo doo and evil from you and put a protection around you… go online and look for true psychic with spiritual healing they will know without you saying a word… let them help you

      • Do not go to psychics, witchcraft priests. They are connected with the spirit of satan. Only Jesus Christ can set you and your family from witchcraft. You have to ask God to forgive you for your sins, for consulting psychic medium out of lack of knowledge. Ask God to show you where to go to a Holy Ghost filled, Holy Bible Church that teaches and live the way of God Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • a real Witch does not to Hex nor harm, as it comes back tho the Witch, it makes no sence, it sounds, like, things went bad, then you looked back and think bad luck is coming from the Witch, Take a warm bath on the full moon with a pinch of salt, let all the “junk” come off of you, and watch the “curse” go down the drain, but visualize this as you do,
      If you are Christian finish in Jesus name I say,
      I say ” as I Will it so shall it Be!”.

      • bull people whom play with witchcraft are not nice people, most of them order the crap online and do it themselves at home, or with a friend whom is trying to harm another. come on. lets get real. you can buy spell kits online anywhere and if YOU don’t know what your doing it can and will harm a human being… just like that. if they are native they will use them with water and will cause people to do things, say things, forget things, and its happened to a few people I know and its awful… yes cleansing is good but you need to have it lifted by a real psychic or priest in pray.. now a real spiritual reader will know as soon as she/he speaks to you.. without saying a word just in your voice .. so try it. go ahead please call on a real spiritual reader and let them help you

  • actually i have a new friend he wasnt hangingout he always hiding and also he scared to stay outside , he always wearing a jacket every warm weather i and his eye lens isdiffent its not contact lens but his natural lens . he wasnt talking much and he wasnt communicating . I obserb him everynight he is hanging out .. untill he tell me the truth he study about warcraft

  • You can’t tell unless you ask or they tell you. I am a witch, and unless I wear my pentacle outside my t-shirt you would never guess. I dress like everyone else, go to the same stores & restaurants, if I had kids they would go to the same schools as other kids, etc. We are no different than others, except for the religion part. We are more likely to recycle than most because we believe in doing what we can to protect the Earth.
    If she has a specific path as a witch, well, if she was a Christian how would you ask her to stop?
    Your dad is an adult and is capable of making his own choices. If your dad loves her and he is happy why not leave them alone?

    • dont beleive a witch because she serve the devil.beleive in god.the problem is that you dont know god.if you know god and the lamb of god { jesus christ} you would know that no weapon formed against you she your bible king james version start with the truth,read all of john chapter 1 all the way to chapter will hear the word of our lord god. we haves instructions from god.he will tell you what to do.rember the only power the devil has is what you give him.if you dont give him nothing he will have nothing.give it all to god and you will not be touch.

        • witchcraft has been done on good people yes reading the bible is ok but you still need to have it lifted . pray, cleansing, bible, sage, crystals , originate will help but you need the spell lifted from you and thrown back .. into the water, or where ever… spiritual healers will help you Pray pray pray, and speak to a REAL spiritual healer whom is a person with a gift of helping… without you saying a word..

  • You can tell a person practices, if you ask them. There are no tell-tale signs a person is a witch or practices voodoo. Just because someone has an odd personality doesn’t automatically mean she’s a witch. And if she claims these, she’s probably doing it to instill fear, while not really being a witch. Fear is a bigger power than witchcraft itself, as when someone believe one is a witch, they grow to believe that the person is “casting spells” on them, when they’re just having a bad day, or a string of bad luck.

    Learning about what Witchcraft is, will help the fear lose it’s power. Once you realize that Witches don’t cast spells and curse people for kicks and giggles, or for spite, then you will realize that there is nothing to fear.

  • Have you ever thought of just asking the person who has been accused? Or has she already been tried and judged by the family to be guilty, no matter what her response?
    The Salem Witch Trials all over again.

  • Oh, don’t worry about it, my dear. What some call “voodoo” is actually a very ancient religion that originated in West Africa before the Europeans ever arrived. It was carried to the Americas when first the Portuguese and then Dutch, French, English, and Americans carried off vast numbers of Africans as slaves to the New World. Elements of the old African religion became mixed with varying elements of Christianity. It’s terribly misunderstood, but it’s not a bad thing at all. You can find out about the real deal by looking up the Cuban version under Santeria on Google, or the Brazilian incarnation under Candomble. There are lots of different aspects of it, some very much like the African original in Nigeria and Benin, some quite metaphysical, some almost indistinguishable from Catholicism. There’s no need to stop any of it as it is simply a way of communicating with God.

    Witchcraft, too, is based on ancient religious practices and is basically misunderstood by those who don’t follow those practices. In Europe, which is the area I know best, that ancient religion still exists and has continued in the form of Wicca, another religion you can research on Google. This was an agricultural religion, another means of worshipping and honoring God. Again, there is no need to get upset about it or to try to stop it. We all see God in different ways, but God doesn’t mind being called different names in different parts of the world. If God wanted us all to be identical, I’m sure He would have made us all identical to begin with. He didn’t. So relax. Diversity is part of the divine plan.

  • Through prayer.

    Don’t mean to cut down anyone here, but one thing needs to be made clear…voodoo or witchcraft is nothing of God. It’s the calling of spirits, in more times evil spirits. Even though some people play with it and think it’s funny, there are some areas, (very strong in some parts of Africa and some in N.O.) that it is practice very seriously and is not something that should be taking lightly or considered a form of worship. I’m sorry but I just had to say that. But as far as someone playing witchcraft, I would say you shouldn’t worry about it as long as you don’t get involved.

    • That is a little harsh. Those that take witchcraft seriously are part of the religon. The belief in higher powers means it is in fact a form of worship. Whether you wan to accept that is another thing. Also, majority of witchs do not call upon evil spirits. Then of course there are those who fool around and think it is all fun and games and cause the sterotypes that you see today.

    • I think what is weird, SUPERCOOL is that when you are Christian you don’t think of it as the same thing. You are calling on a spirit. That is not taught in church. But coming from a family of preachers who do pray to one god in public and summon the other at night, you just decide on your own…

    • Pray like this lady said and fear no evil. God will pay them back for their misdeeds and it will be at least 3 times. The prayer of protection, ask for guidance, and know The Lord will set you free. I can sense witches. Not always is it ovvious, but they emanate a strange presence.if you know, then there is a reason for it.

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