• You wanna know how to use your chi? Well I’ll tell you how. Look into yourself. Realize what what your inner self is telling you. You are put a part of the cycle of life. Chi comes from the sun and flows through the plants. These plants then are consumed and the chi flows through anything that may eat them. You then consume this creature in dinner and gain the chi of life it possessed. When you die and are in a coffin below the earth, decomposers such as worms and bacteria will take that chi distribute it, along with the chi from the dead leaves of trees and dead animals to the earth which will allow then to be absorbed by plants which will continue the cycle. Using chi will inevitably cause problems for you due to it being your life source. Use too much and you will perish.

    To use Chi you mush focus on the power rumbling in your belly. Yes, your belly. Your belly decomposes that of which you eat and changes it back into the energy (chi) that you are going to use. Now…Visualize the chi running through your veins and all of it pouring out from your belly. Your heart is sending throughout your body. You must now visualize it heeding your command of going to one place such as your palm. You might feel a little weak if you are just now trying it, but you will eventually overcome such a thing. It is a good idea to eat a big lunch as it supplies with your energy for such a task. Let’s say your chi, after many days of meditation and practice, as finally heeded your command and is flowing into your palm. I GREATLY recommend eating much and allowing it to digest before attempting this. You may now practice forming a chi orb. It is also GREATLY recommended that you instruct to flow to BOTH hands to reduce weariness and help maintain the orb.

    When you are ready, take your hands and act as if you are holding a basketball in front of you. Extend your elbows to where they point FROM your body. Now visualize you chi flowing from your other parts of body and into you palms but not all of it. You still need to be able to move and live so only a little bit from your other body parts. Now imagine it all filling up palms like you fill up a cup with milk. You now must imagine it flowing and condensing into an orb. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT push it out without concentrating on it forming an orb. You could possibly expend all of your chi and DIE. Now visualize this orb glowing brighter and brighter. Imagine seeing it glow and eventually you will. You must practice at this in order for it to work. Just be sure not to attempted it too many times a day or you are risking extreme exhaustion and possible death. If you successfully create the orb, then you are open to many possibilities. You, if possess a great amount of chi, may give it to others in forms of healing (giving their body more energy to greatly accelerate healing), attacks (very unrecommended), or cleansing. By cleansing, I mean cleansing their chakras and opening their chi gates. You ever hear of how zombies are stronger than average humans? Well, they are. Zombies’ bodies don’t limit their potential like normal humans’ bodies do. These gate are there to keep your chi from completely leaving you and will break down as your body dies. Opening all these gate may allow you great power but it puts you at great risk at exhaustion and DEATH. By healing, you must visualize your chi flowing into another person and aiding their body’s cells in their attempt at healing a wound of some sort. In attacking, (you must possess a great reserve of chi in order to continue) you must visualize your chi flowing into a specific body part and empowering it. You can add tremendous power to kicks and punches in doing so. Even in jumps as long as you know where to add the chi. You may, (ONLY FOR MASTERS!!!!) even draw upon the earth’s great source of chi to use. You must visualize the earth around you possessing tiny glowing dots. These dots are ALL OVER the ground. These dots then starts creeping towards you. They then form a great glowing disk below you. Now imagine your body admitting this energy and taking it all into your belly. You belly will then (unless of course you command it to do else with it) distribute it to your body’s most chi-lacking parts. This is how chi is given to you and how you may give it to others (either helpfully or painfully!!!)

  • I’m gonna assume that you have either taken yoga or some type of Martial Art. chi can be used in a variety of ways such as earth bounding and flame hands (both master level chi techniques). For swimming, i recommend wave riding. if you just float for a little bit in the water, you notice that there are alot of small waves. and when you swim butterfly, you notice that sometimes you hit your own wave. wave riding is the timing of exertion of energy based on the rhythm of the water and your bodies natural rhythms. it takes alot of practice to do it correctly. my friend and i did an example to the little kids in our group in which we swam butterfly right next to each other. normally your waves would collide and you lose momentum but we were able to time our exertion perfectly and we didn’t disturb each other at all. thats all i have for water chi but water chi hasn’t been full utalized as people are focusing on fire and earth chi elements. for outside the water, i recommend internal flame. it allows you to keep warm in colder areas. first gather it in your abonimal and then gradually release it throughout your body. it takes about 5 hours to gather it and then releasing it last for 12 hours. it took me 2 years to master it, 6th grade to 8th grade (im in 11th grade now =] ), when my friend first taught me it.

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