it had developed a small crack a while ago and suddenly broke today, i have been unable to find any info on the meaning and properties of stone rings other than hematite and what it means when they break
obviously stress and brittleness are a factor. i was intending a spiritual answer as to what it could symbolize out of curiousity


  • They obviously break only because of physical actions but that only happens because of mental emotions which if had to guess is what spiritual kinda is….

  • I am wearing a ring is green it look like jade but is jade and suddenly it break out my finger today, do any one know what it mean? I hope nothing bad.



  • Hematite is a healing stone. Once the ring is full of negative energy it will crack and then break. I too use to have rings break on me then I changed my friends and my thinking and they take a very long time to break now.

  • Rose quartz is associated with all types of love, self esteem and forgiveness. This could be a hint towards why it broke.

    However, rose quartz naturally tends to crack and break pretty easily.

  • Rings of any type break because their compressive strength is insufficient to resist the forces acting on them. It has nothing to do with “negative” energy, just basic physics.

  • Stone rings break not because of emotions but because of stresses put on them through physical movement and pressure.

    If you want another meaning, it could be that you have to much anger let loose.

  • hmmmmm… good question. I had a hematite ring break the other day actually! Funny:P I wish i could help but i don’t know… i think rise quarts has something to do with love though….

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