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Dramatic energy flow increase with spells?

Whenever I meditate with my rose quartz, I find that the energy I create is extremely strong. When I charge my rose quartz with it in my right hand, I feel very calm and centred.. I am very clear on what I am wanting and sending out into the world. When I place it over my third eye or heart chakra, however, I feel the energy flow dramatically increase.

Why could this be?
I might add that I have had very good results with my Rose Quartz, too. It´s a good healer and generates very positive vibes and lots of love, even after some negative situations.


  • Are you right handed? Most likely when you hold it in your right hand, you are projecting your energy into the crystal. Chakras are receptive, so when you hold it to your chakras, you are recieving the energy of the quartz into yourself.

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