Is this true/partly true or just a myth?


  • Masturbation not only has a negative effect on motivation and energy… it retards the pace of progress human beings desire in life… the prime reason why one comes first and the other last! God Almighty ordained a particular quota of energy to every man and woman month after month. In absence of this quota of energy… no human being can gain phenomenal success in life.

    By putting a full stop to masturbation… practicing absolute celibacy for a minimum period of 12 years in continuation… I finally reached the portals of God… the stage of self realization in 1993. By transmuting the sexual energy to more creative channels… human beings can gain any success in life… whatever our goal!

    The act of masturbation was destined by God Almighty as a pressure release valve. In absence of masturbation most human beings would die of brain haemorrhage or heart failure. The stored sexual energy needs Channelising… in absence of which one masturbates… whiles away this potent source of energy for purely physical pleasures.

    Every successful person channelises this quota of monthly energy towards the only goal of life. Finally they succeed in reaching that goal. Whatever be our goal of life… we can transmute the sexual energy towards that goal. Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed… all channelised their energies towards gaining enlightenment in their lifetime. More on male masturbation-

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