if you know any spells…websites,places or communities or anything about it please answer.i am interested in magick…but real magic:transformation,teleportation,invisibility,working wands,maybe broomsticks,spells that can be seen and by fireing it at someone,he felss or soething happenes to him but not a coincidence…you know what i am talking about.I know magick exist:there are several proofs:miths…even in the bible we find severel…but most interesting when stick turned into snake…i am interested in this cind of magick!please…if you know something about it write.


  • so just someone if can tell us some old library that have forgoten book of magic or something like..i will go around to find it. just tell me if i can go somewhere to learn.

  • Magic is real, the people who have protected its secrets have done very well keeping it safe from people who believe it to be evil. That means if you want to practice real magic you need to get in to one of these groups (nearly impossible, membership is almost exclusively inherited, not talking about wicca here) and work your way in to its inner circle, at this point if you were to try to make any of the information held by these groups known you would most likely be killed, and even leaving one of the groups for any other reason is not easy.

  • Magic is very real if anyone has magic powers they can make all of their dreams come true I want to have magic powers so I can make my self to have a better life

  • magic is all around us.we are just to fast moving to see it,the elements of nature bend and weave together to form trees.and so on

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