I have a golden retriever and he has had fleas for about 2 months now and we’ve tried stuff to kill the fleas but its not working. I really want to get rid of them because i also have a guinea pig and don’t want her to get the fleas. I was wondering if I could use dawn dish soap to get rid of fleas on my dog and guinea pig.


  • FRONTLINE/ADVNATIX is no longer advisable. Fleas have become immune to it. they adapt well. Frontline doesnt work on my dogs. Found out the hard way. GOOGLE it. Dawn is the only thing i use. Diatomaceous Earth powder is another solution but use with caution, read the labels, and wear gloves/masks. it kills on contact by eating through the fleas shell & attacking the nervous system. I use it regularly BUT i’m concerned about the long term effects on my lungs. I sprinkle DE on my carpets and upholstery. Borax also works well for sprinkling on furniture/carpets. Just keep on carpets for a few weeks of the flea life cycle, then vacuum. Borax/Salt mix will dry up the fleas in the home. Apple cider vinegar works well when added to your pets water however, my dogs dont like the smell or taste so they wont drink it :[ This works by making your pets blood taste like ACV which will repel the flea. These are my suggestions for natural pest control. Thank you.

  • Blue Dawn dishsoap DOES kill the fleas, but I would only reccomend it if the dog is too young for things like frontline. Vaccum your rug often if you are in the same boat I am with a very young puppy with fleas. As soon as the dog is old enough give it a more traditional flea medicene.

    Take it from somone stuck in the position I am if you need to rescue or find a puppy with fleas take it to a shelter. Cute puppies get adopted it is NOT worth the risk and stress to your home, self, and other animals.

  • Found fleas on my dog this morning, dawn mixed with apple cider vinegar works to kill them too. Read it online somewhere, I filled the tub with warm water, mixed some vinegar & blue dawn, and lathered him up really well left on for 5 minutes, rinsed good, and there were dead fleas in the tub. I did wash his face with baby shampoo. Started with the face then used he vinegar / dawn mixture from neck down. After he was dry, I put a water/ vinegar mixture on the brush & brushed his hair & let it dry. Read fleas don’t like vinegar. It’s been hours and no fleas. Today was the first day I noticed any fleas, my dog is white, white and they showed up very good. Hope they are all gone, hate them! Now applying frontline!

  • I tried flea shampoo, flea drops, flea collars and even a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. Nothing would kill those fleas and my house ended up smelling like Easter egg dye. I saw a blurb somewhere about using Blue Dawn dish soap (only the blue) to wash your dog, and then a 50/50 mixture of soap and the water sprayed on furniture and other surfaces. I was at my wits end, and figured, what the heck…worst case scenario, I can use the soap for other things if it doesn’t work.

    Within 15 seconds of applying the soap (totally not exagerrating) dozens of fleas began to surface in my dogs fur (the white parts that I could see on anyway). I kept rubbing it in and started to see blood as their outer shells were disintegrated. It kills them so fast and does not have harmful poisons that many other flea meds have. Defintley try the BLUE Dawn dish soap before wasting your money on flea treatments that just won’t work and can harm your buddies!

  • Dawn dishsoap DOES WORK ! Now I am going to try spraying the yard with too ! I have been using Dawn on my dog for 5 years now i bathe her once a week and the rest of the week i use a flea comb on her every night , flea combs are awesome !

  • Banana peels kills fleas dont know how ud use it on ur dog but for outside and in the house put some peels on a plate around the house and yard it works dont belive me google it

  • Dawn Dish Shop DOES WORK! You just have to make sure after you have wash off the dish soap you condition your dog, with pet CONDITIONER, even i cheap one from dimmys just make sure it’s CONDITIONER.!

  • I have read on Dr Fosters site and a couple others as well that Dawn Dishsoap is a safe and ONLY alternative to use on cats who nursing and kittens UNDER 8 weeks also PUPPIES AND NURSING DOGS, the poison that is in the other flea products including frontline plus( that’s all I use) gets absorbed in the skin, it will be transfered to babies through the mothers milk… please don’t take that chance..


  • Don’t use any dish washing soap, or your shampoo on your dog. It will dry their skin, and may lead to a mite infestation. Try Advantage, or Frontline. I use advantage on my two dogs, and they do not have any flea’s. Check with you vet, and see what they suggest.

  • I have just cured a flea infestation and this is what I did.
    First, give your animals a good flea bath. Then treat them with a good flea repellent such as Frontline,or Revolution. Treat your house with a good quality of flea bombs. Make sure to take up pet dishes, water, aquariums, etc, or anything that could be contaminated.
    Treat your yard. This is very important. I went to Home Depot and got flea granuels to spread in the yard. The employee that helped me told me not to get the spray because it sits on the grass and doesn’t get into the soil very well. The next day I bombed my house with the flea bombs again just to make sure I got them all. I got rid of my flea infestation, but all of these things need to be done the same time, or at least as quickly as you can get them done. Do not do one thing today, and wait until tomorrow to spray the yard. It all has to be done about the same time. Good luck
    Lifelong dog owner and breeder

  • Dish soap will not kill fleas. You need a medicated shampoo that is made especially to kill fleas. You also need to clean all the dog’s bedding and possibly have the house flea bombed to ensure that all fleas are dead. You need a vet’s help to care for a flea problem with your guinea pig. Your house is probably infested with fleas if you have not treated the problem. In the future, use Frontline on a regular schedule to prevent a flea problem.

  • no, get a good flea soap with oatmeal in it….use advantage 1 time monthly….any other pets treat them also..or all is lost on killing them…also try putting down insect killer in your yard ( that will kill fleas)

  • NO

    buy some frontline at the pet store for the proper weight of your dog. it will say on the box for what size dog.

    put it on and in 24 hours the dog will be flea free, but your house won’t
    your dog can get very sick from flea bites and i can’t see how they aren’t bitting you too
    bomb the house or call a professional otherwise, when the fleas can’t get on the dog, anything with blood will be next.

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