I am trying to imagine humankind with no trace of “I-ness”, but just life, and nothing but life. This I-ness creates problems for ourselves, for others and for the entire world. I really don’t know why this “I” is necessary and evolution is to blame for this misery. Or, do you really enjoy consciousness and feel that “I” is an asset rather than a liability?


  • The I is the ability to feel something other then the Creator. It’s also called “the other side” or the “back of the Creator”.

    Nature, plants and animals only feel the Creator, and therefore have no freedom of choice, but to obey.

    (Biblical) Adam was in the same state as the other animals until the Creator gave him the I. We call it knowledge. This implies memory, and therefore the expansion of time, and it brings with it the ability to anticipate the future, then the fear of the future etc.

    The purpose is simple: in order to desire something by your own judgment you need:

    1. to have had it before
    2. to lack it right now

    The I-ness is also called the shell, or the peel, protecting the fruit, and its the means that assures a total concealment of the Creator in this world.

    In other words, the I-ness are forces that prompt us to be satisfied with the knowledge that we already possess. In the hands of some people this is a force of development, while in the hands of others its a liability. Just like any other knowledge, really.

  • I to feel that it is a liability, though I am Christian.

    By consciousness, you can also refer to free will, and we all know, it doesn’t work so well with this race.

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