I am a Christian and love and believe in God with all my heart, but I have recently become interested in reading about the characteristics of my astrological sighn, just for fun…i mean i really dont believe in everything the astrologers list, its just interesting for me to read. I was wondering if this violated any of Gods principles, even if I am no a true believer in astrology.


  • Astronomy the study of the stars is fine, but astrology/divination is not.
    My mom was heavy into astrology it played havoc with her life, led her
    into spiritualism, not a good thing. She repented & turned away from
    all of that to Messiah Yahshua. It may seem fun, just like a fortune
    cookie, but they are both dangerous, you are believing another spirit.
    Lev 19:26 & Acts 16:16-18

  • I think astrology is interesting and all of our planets and everything in our atmosphere was made by God so, we naturally as humans wonder if it’s possible that everything around & about us makes us who we are, including when we were born but the bible says its witchcraft.

  • Doing horoscopes is wrong because it falls under the area of the occult(divination) which God condemns and calls it an abomination.When you do that you come out from Gods’ protective umbrella so to speak and open yourself to demonic influence.Playing with the occult is like sticking your hand in a box full of cobras.Where do you want to be? On Gods’ blessing side or His cursing side.We as christians have the precious and all knowing Holy Spirit inside of us ,who is also called the Spirit of Truth on the inside of us and why should we consult the devil and his devices to find out something about us?Why should we consult the stars when we know the One who made the stars?

  • Yes it does. I used to be into astrology hard core, then I had to repent after I found out that it was wrong. If you look in the Bible, astrologers were thrown in the same mix as magicians, stargazers and socerers. (Isaiah 47:13, Dan 1:20, Dan 2:2, Dan 2:10, Dan 2:27, Dan 4:7, Dan 5:7, Dan 5:11, Dan 5:15), which is not a good thing. It’s a form of witchcraft. So, yes, you need to stay away from astology. The Bible has better promises than astrology does, I promise! Be blessed!

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