I’ve been having severe fatigue over the past year. My last testosterone level was 218 with no explained reason. I recently had a MRI. Although my pitutary was normal, the MRI found a 1cm pineal cyst. I have difficulty sleeping, and when I do, I feel unrested. I have an endocrine appointment in 2 weeks. I know the pineal gland make meletonin, can this be a cause why i’m so fatigued? Anyone expirenced in this area, any advice would be appriciated, no arm chair googlers please…thanks!!


  • Pineal gland cyst is a cyst in the pineal gland. Statisically, these fluid-filled bodies appear on 1-4% of MRI brain scans. These are more frequent at death, seen in 21-100% of autopsies, though researchers are not sure why.

    They are in most cases asymptomatic, and it is rare for a pineal cyst to cause symptoms. If they do, these will most likely be headache, visual disturbances, or hydrocephalus, which can be extremely dangerous if left untreated.

    Pineal cysts are not cancerous and most of the time it doesn’t enlarge over 2 centimeters.

    Asymptomatic cysts require no treatment. Some doctors choose to monitor patients with CT or MRI to look for cyst growth but most doctors don’t.

    It’s a good thing that you are going to see an endocrinologist. There might be other related health conditions attributing to fatigue such as Hypothryoidism and Anemia. Or a deficiency in vitamins and essential minerals. .

    What are considered “normal levels” of testosterone vary from individual to individuals. . Different labs have varying ranges of what they consider normal with values ranging from the low 200s to over 1200 ng./dl. considered normal for men and from 15 to 70 ng./dl. considered normal for women. So your testosterone level of 218 is normal.

    Low levels of the testosterone hormone can cause symptoms of fatigue, a decreased sex drive, and irritability. This is especially true in older men. This might happen because low testosterone levels trigger symptoms such as anorexia, fatigue, and decreased libido, which may have an effect on mood.

    The medical name for low testosterone is hypogonadism, and can be caused by many factors, including certain genetic conditions, testicular damage or infection, and exposure to toxins, radiation or chemotherapy. Low testosterone is often associated with aging.

    Furthermore, another thing to consider is high estrogen level. . That’s right, men can also produce and need estrogen. A healthy balance between the two hormones need to be maintained. If the estrogen level is high, testosterone level tend to drop; as more testosterone are converted to estrogen. Thus exacerbating the problem.

  • it might be melatonin abnormalities, it has a huge impact on the biological clock…so yes it could be inhibiting melatonin or it could be pushing against the midbrain or … or … or … dont worry about it and go to your doc

  • It can, but you’re looking at the wrong thing to explain fatigue. It’s not the production of melatonin causing it, but most probably the hormones controlled by the pineal. Thats a large size cyst there, but the surgery actually isn’t that difficult. That gland controls both endocrine and exocrine functions so the chance of hormonal abnormality is great. Good luck.

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