My grandfather always told me that if a young child or friendly dog doesn’t like someone, then they are no good. Do you find that to be true? I have listened to my son’s intuition on a couple of people who did indeed turn out to be losers.

So do you think young kids are more sensitive to people with negative or evil auras?


  • Young children and just like dogs and even adults get those vibes. For children they can tell when someone is uneasy, inpatient, etc… If someone will be inpatient around your child than whats the point of having them around.

  • I once had a dog; 8 years old. NEVER attacked anyone, ran from CATS, and so on! Anyway, one day this furniture guy came to pick up some old stuff we had donated, and Rover tried to RIP HIS THROAT OUT!!! I never saw him so mean! And that was the ONLY TIME that I EVER saw Rover do that! About 2 weeks later, the guy threw his kids off a 3rd story balcony, killing 2 of them. With that told, if a dog can sense good or evil in a person, I see no reason that a child could not!

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