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Do you think it’s possible to pick up on negative energy from people?

Do you think it’s a possibility that some people have extra sensory to effects of others auras and it could effect them?


  • If you can feel or sense anything,then it exist in some form or it would not be an issue.The trick is to let unwanted vibes just keep flowing past you and not to grab hold of the feelings and magnify them more.You are in control.Peace.

  • Yes. I have had warning dreams about those intending to act with malice. Of course, there are real life indicators as well. But how much is the reading of subtle clues and how much is extrasensory, I do not know.

  • I’m an empath, and I have friends that are as well. We can’t stand being in crowds because of negative and positive thoughts feelings auras all collide into one and it’s hard to separate the two. My cousin can sense a person’s aura and she’s an empath as well it runs in our family. It’s a generational gap thing with us though. People who are having a bad day effect me the worse I get major headaches when I’m around negative energy.

  • ABSOLUTLEY! I’m very sensitive to that type of thing. I have felt danger from people others did not feel. One guy turned out to be a serial killer! Look up David Wayne McCall. I knew him! They’ve got him on three ‘hits’.

  • Energy is defined as “measurable work capability”. Please define what you mean by negative energy.

    Auras are a symptom of a retinal problem, a certain form of epilepsy, or migraines.

    So really the question makes no sense. Sorry.

  • I think so. You can walk into class and if someone doesn’t like you you’ll immediately know. Maybe it is because of body language. I do believe that their are aura’s. I’m just not sure to what effect they have.

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