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Do witchcraft spells that hurt people really work?

A girl I know hates her ex and bought this book for causing him pain through spells. I think it’s dangerous but, only if that stuff really works. Have you ever experienced harmful witchcraft? What happened?


  • but people hurt alot before u think of that ur could hurt by a person badly like u educate a cousine then he destroys ur home next step is looking 4 ur life what next

  • why even try that its so dam evil that confuses any one including the feelings of someone why do such a damage to someone hurt them like that this woman has done so much to my partner to make her love her but karma dose not forgive whatever u do will come back to you 10 times more no one has that right to do bad stough to someone that supposedly you love I love my partner but at this moment he is not the man I used to have he is totally changed a lot through all that evil stough they have done to him

  • my partner is under the influence of witchcraft im scared of him he is violent person he is dating this woman that destroyed my life im devastated at this woman I want her away from him I payed so much money to free him from all this bad energy that is around us im tierd of her she is a lier no heart at all she is a very bad person and she I tearing my life in pieces

  • Hi, everyone I am going through the same problems and I treat everyone real nice and everything and just the other day I had to go to someone, for help because it seemed as if every time I made one move in life I would fall 10x 10 backwards and I had no clue to why I went to church and everything, and I am not the one ti believe in witchcraft. But I tell you one thing it can still effect whether you believe in it or not I just can’t bring myself to understand why on earth will someone take time out to do thing EVIL stuff to others that are very kind like myself. And I use to have a lot going for myself in one blink of an eye everything vanished I felt like giving up throwing the towel in just quitting on life period I was going to everyone for answers I even gained a lot of weight and doctors could not understand why I would feel sick for just no reason at all tired all the time and I could see if I was pregnant but my tubes are tied I could not understand and wrap my minde around this that was happening. But to say this everyone sometimes it be the ones close to you thar will hurt you JEALOUSY& ENVY is not pretty on no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! People better REPENT before to it is too late I feel so bad for people like myself and others who has fell VICTIMS of witchcraft. # IBINDTHEDEVILINTHENAMEOFJESUS.

    • Dear Melinda,hope u well just reading ur msg and I thought u really u need help. But only thing u can do is revenge to people like that as I always thought God will answer my questions one day!!! Yes he is and he will always do to every1, but now witchcraft is destroying everything while we waiting,why can’t we help by doing exactly the same thing doing to us. Sis usatana mbuyise ngomunye) mina I did all what they were doing to me for no reason all I did was to help in every aspect! So for me it worked after spending nearly R20000 but at end I spent very little and have my peace back.

  • hi i have childfather who woman is workin witchcraft on him have him hate me and my son know i took him someone for readin and person told him this was secounf time she did this to him and it have me him cross up but way he traetin me my son know realy hurt me i sit ed at night and cry i just wish all she do me him fall back on her and her children how or wht can i do to stop her wht she did me him so she cant dont it again can u help

  • Alexandra from Australia
    “I wanted to let you know how absolutely rapt I am with the Lucky spell you sent me! From day one things just started to work for me. Suddenly job offers have started coming my way, my creativity has been re-energized and I can’t believe how many lucky coincidences have suddenly entered my life. I carry it everywhere with me now, it makes me feel safe and secure. Each day I look forward to what new surprises it’s going to throw my way thank you so much Dr.(gbocotmepl@yahoo.com)!”

  • take baths that help get rid of jinx and use soaps as well to get rid of jinx and spells , you can buy them , they are cheap , THEY might help to work , also prayers are good to god , praying is always a good thing , or if your christian roman catholic , prest might be able to bless and pray !! there a chance of helping clear the spell

  • PLEASE HELP ME!!! So I have an aunt that is about 32 years old now, but about 18 years ago she became crazy… One day she decided to go to church and people said that they saw one of her ‘friends’ following her into church, but nobody knew why. When she came out, she was crazy. She was talking non sense and started yelling and saying ‘they were out there to get her’. She also started kicking car tires. My mom says that her ‘friend’ envied her because she was so beautiful. We don’t know what happened to her, all we know is that her ‘friend’ might have something to do with it. Its been 18 years and no doctor(in Mexico) has been able to cure her. We think that maybe that ‘friend’ did some kind of witch craft to mess with her mind. Please help us, we need to cure my aunt please.!

  • you dont need silly candles and stupid mistic words to harm anyone .anyone can send harm to another if you generate enough anger and powerfull neves allmost exploding from your brains .ive done this many times without knowing it only to find out that peoplewho wronged or harmed me have died within weeks or months or come to serious harm .i’d advise anyone who has been wronged to try keep carm and under control .no 3 fold harm will come on to you if you’ve genuinly been wrong or harmed by another and you cant help going into the that fit of strong anger .like what happens to me

  • They certainly can, yes. And doing such a spell WILL_HARM_HER. It’s like shooting a gun that fires out of both ends. Encourage her to not do such a foolish thing.

    I’m FAR more concerned about this book she bought that actually teaches harmful spells? I’ve been a practicing Witch for over twenty years and have never seen such a book. If you know the title, let me know. If such a book is out there, the Witch community needs to know.

    We don’t want anybody hurting ANYBODY.

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