I read some passages in the bible about “mediums”. My understanding of it is that people aren’t suppose to contact them because it will open the door to evil spirits. One certain passage says: “‘A man or woman who is a medium or spiritist among you must be put to death. You are to stone them; their blood will be on their own heads.” Why is it evil if “Mediums” just have that special gift? They can’t help it if they are born with it. Please help me to understand.


  • Iam a medium,i made ppl get into accident by wishing it upon them and i hear, feel , see spirits and they been with me since a young girl so am i going to hell?

  • Believe in the gifted ones. A devine gift can not be from evil. Good and evil is all according to His plan. This is what was spoken when I returned… “Heaven or hell, it all depends on how you live the rest of your life”

  • The only thing we all know is that we really don’t know. We believe what makes sense to who we are, whether because of our fears, the environment we live in, the family we come from, or the influence around us. If you can manage to break away from all those barriers then you can begin to find some real salvation.

    Is it so terrible that someone provides some comfort to people that have suffered the loss a child, sibling, parent, or spouse by relaying a message from a spirit that claims to be that of a deceased loved one and is able to bring some peace to those grieving? This is not an act of evil, its an act of survival.

  • I once wasted my time seeing a few psychics who said I would see a young sales lady again selling me ten Playstation 2 games and something about a Gameboy Advance. They all just made out checks their bodies couldn’t cash. Christians are not supposed to be practice astrology, its like oil and water, they dont mix. Christianity and the occult don’t mix.

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