I had a strange dream Saturday morning. I think I had one of those sleep terrors (I forgot the other name for them).

Well it was scary at the time, but after funny. I woke up early Saturday morning, then drifted back to sleep again. In my dream something whispered some nonsense in my ear that I couldn’t understand, then I felt a weight (like a person) get in bed, and snuggle me. I couldn’t talk but used thoughts, and said “hello ghost, what’s your name”, and swore at it. It just slept and snored.

LOL. I know sounds comical, and I laugh about it now. I wasn’t asleep long but when I woke up at first I froze, and a bit scared.

Sleep paralysis – that’s the name I was thinking of, cause couldn’t talk or move.

Anyway if there are such things I got a tired ghost wanting to share my bed LOL

I put it down to over tiredness cause I’d been getting broken sleep last few nights, and now and again get nightmares. It was wierd dream though. Both scary and funny after.
Well when I woke up from it I was right up end of the bed against the wll, and the duvet all bungled up behind me, so in my sleep must have been the weight of the duvet behind me that felt like the ghost.


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