In the case of a boy/girl twin relationship, is it common for the intimate sibling bond to cause sympathy pain between the twins and/or telepathy? If there are any twins out there I’d love to know of your possible experiences!!


  • My sister and I are identical twins and we share a bond that no one understands. We know if the other is in danger or hurt or sick. I hear her shout my name very loud when she is in danger or whatever. We are very close and very different people. I would say almost opposites. We were raised the same but she is suffering from drugs addiction and facing jail time for many different crimes. I have her children and a clean record and I’m sober. However the connection we have is the same. My drunk mother caught our house on fire and I was asleep upstairs. I heard my sister call my name and I woke up and got out in time. My sister was in the bedroom with my mother trying to rescue her when I heard her call. She didn’t scream for me actually she could barely breathe from the smoke. When she is in trouble I know. I don’t know about telepathy but I know we share a very unique connection. We are soulmates.

  • My twin and I are fraternal. And whenever I have deja vu dreams, It’s odd! he’s usually in the deja vu. When it happens, sometimes he’ll say he had the same deja vu.

  • I have fraternal twin daughters,age 4 Soon to be fell three weeks ago from very high hitting her head .I rushed her to hospital where the doctors panicked and thought this could be bad. They asked if she became spaced out and if her eyes turned up.the anwers were all no,only complained about about a headache and ear ache and was discharged from hospital leaving the doctors stunned.Now after 3 weeks the other twin had a seizure and the doctors don’t know why she had it because after running different tests they all coming bk good.she’s in great healh right now ,it’s like she never had a seizure. She had d seizure for her sister I guess

  • I am a female with a twin brother. He was born 13 mins before me. The Dr.s had no idea I was even in my mother’s womb. They had taken her to the recovery room after she delivered my brother & started having labor pains again & here I come toes first. We are like night & day but there are a lot of things we do exactly alike. For most of our lives we were separated from time to time but I know there is a strong connection of some kind there but it’s hard to explain. We are now 53 yrs old & he is diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I have pain in the upper part of my stomach. I would almost double over in pain & call my twin to ask if his stomach was hurting, he told me no. I don’t know if I am feeling his pain instead of him or what it is. We live in two different states but only 6 hrs away. I do feel we have a special bond between us. And I feel we (as fraternal twins) r special people & I am happy I am a twin. Please pray for my twin brother!!! Thank you!

  • My fraternal sister and I have telepathy, or a very strong female intuition with one another at least. I can tell what she’s thinking only sometimes and in think it’s just not common sense than anything else. We finish each other’s sentences a lot. No one… No one can make me laugh like her. Uncontrollable, hunched over, gasping for air kind of laugh. We both a live very busy lives, so when I laugh like that around her, it reminds me that I don’t laugh like that with anyone else, and that feels good.

  • My brother and I are fraternal twins. I can’t physically feel his pain but when he’s hurting physically, I always cry. I was at work and my eyes were running, like I had bad allergies. I couldn’t get the tears to stop and had no idea what was going on. When I got home, my sister told me that he was in a car accident. When I’m hurt emotionally, the room is filled with a certain intense energy, like I’m about to go over the edge. Jason always shows up when I feel this way and when he does, that energy vanishes. I don’t know why my feelings for him are physical and his emotional, but I’d like to know.

  • Me and my brother are fraternal twins and for some reason I always know when something is wrong with him. I know when he is sick, scared, upset, in pain and even in danger. It’s kind of scary because we live 2 hours away from each other. No matter if I’m at work or just out when I get the feeling that something is wrong I call him right away. We are close through our emotions. Like 6 years ago his first son was born and was born with heart disease. I was pregnant and due a month later to the day. I dreamed that our sons was playing together but something wasn’t right. So I called him and he said his son had died.

  • I believe that there is such thing as twin telepathy and to be honest I have a fraternal twin named Rosemarry and my sister and I find it extremely irritating how people keep saying identical twins are more special than fraternal and they are more likely to have a special bond it’s true that their special but I know that fraternals are likely to have the same ability as identical. Most of the time my sister and I are always finishing each other’s sentences and spelling things in unison constantly right now we’re age 15 but I recall that when I was 13 my sister and I were at football (soccer) practice and the day before both my sister and I got hit on the head with a soccer ball well today one of my team mates was messing around with a ball and I was standing right beside her then for some strange reason I had this extremely powerful intense feeling in my blood,my heart was pounding and I felt sweaty my in my I heard a thought it was saying “save your sister! Turn around and save you sister!” I had to do it the feeling was strong I turned around and walked towards Rosemarry then my legs felt rushed and I began to walk faster then behind me my teammate kicked the ball in the air;it went flying then I was running I yelled “Rosemarry!!!” I didn’t understand why until. I saw the ball head towards her and smack her on the head! Rosemarry burst into tears doth at was the second time. I almost cried as well because I too felt a strong poanfil feeling on my head. Another time my cousin and I were playing truth or dare Rosemarry and I were outside and it was her turn to pick a card she choose dare and my cousin dared her to walk around outside with a blindfold for 10 seconds . She accepted with a blind fold around her eyes and went wandering. My cousin and I laughed until Rosemarry hit a pole she went backwards and so did I i felt dizzy and my cousin asked her if she was alright and Rose said she was fine. The next day rose woke up and she ended up having a big bump in her forehead my cousin and I burst out laughing then suddenly she stopped her eyes glued to MY forehead I said “what?” And she pointed to me then I realized I had a bump on MY head as well then it was Rose’s turn to laugh. The least but NOT LAST was at the age of 8 I ended up getting surgery a few days after the surgery Rose told me how much she cried and cried during my surgery and that she felt hurt,tired and pain. I told her the same thing a year later when she got her surgery. Theses events didn’t stop it happened to us constantly and most of the time we would always be sniffling and humming the same things! And be thinking about the same things another one thought! So yes I do believe in twin telepathy. (BOTH IDENTICAL AND FRATERNAL have that strong ability no twin is better)

  • I aml a 63 years old. My fraternal twin died last year from colon cancer at 62. We were estranged. I think I did something in the womb to make him hate me because he always did but I loved him. Anyway, 3 years before he died, I had a WNV, and hallucinated. I heard his voice coming thru a light in the ceiling. He told me to go to his church the following day, at 10:15 a.m. Said there was a funeral at 9:00 but would be cleaned up. Said I could sing some songs with him as he had a musical company and they would be singing songs. He said he was going to sing old man river. So, I went the next day, and he wasn’t there and I left a message stating I was there as told at 10:`15 a.m. He called my sister and said he was upset with me and I was crazy and he was sick and trying to get well. fast forward. He dies. I go to funeral. It was set for 10:15 a.m. as they were cleaning room from 9-10 for the funeral. I came in and a man was singing old man river on stage. My brother had arranged the whole musical score and indeed they did sing some songs according to what he told me that he had arranged a musical concert. I had conveyed this to my sister 3 years before and when they played Old Man River I said, see, and she turned to me and she said So what? No one got it but me.

  • Well I’m a girl and I have a fraternal 14 year old brother. I didn’t believe in telepathy and I’m not sure I do now but sometimes we dress alike. We have separate rooms and sometimes without planning when we go to school, we wear clothes alike. For example: he wore this one time a grey shirt, dark jeans, black socks and grey vans, whereas I wore the same, obviously we only matched with the colors. This happens a lot and it’s not once a year but every couple months. This other time we had a stripped white and blue shirt, a blue sweater, jeans and black shoes. I wore a blue shirt, jeans and black shoes. Then my shirt got dirty while eating and I changed it to a white and blue stripped shirt! Take in mind we had not seen each other at any point! Also which I don’t know if it’s true but I’ll put it in here my sister hit my brother in the neck. I has in front of them and I had a weird sensation at that moment in my neck ! Telepathy? Idk

    • my twin bro and I would find out we dressed almost identically once pointed out, but it was for sure SO NOT intentional. and we were about fourteen fifteen when that would happen. when he was hurt physically or emotionally I would feel just sick, if your a mom for me it was compariable to the pain you feel when your child is hurt, difference for me then and now I know before he does about when he will be stressed or any other pains, not sure about him lately, thinks he is super dad has a one yr old so now just irritated that I get such good parenting advice mind you he barely shows intrest in his twins only child raising alone and only nephew, im hurt, I am glad to see these boy girl frat,, twin sights

  • I believe that twins have telepathy, but I think the extent varies depends on the bond. I have a twin sister and we’re fraternal but I can finish we sentences and she can finish mine. We sometimes react the same when we are talking with someone and will say the same thing at the same time. Some twins may be able to communicate without speaking, but I don’t think it is more mentally. For example, I can tell when my sister is lying, sad, happy, or mad, but that’s because I pick up on things that no one else notices. One time my sister had gotten her tonsils removed and she would try to say something but it would come out as gibberish. I was the only one who could understand what she was saying.

  • I actually didn’t believe in this until this year. When me and my twin turned 16 something happened, nothing that I could feel on my birthday but something was different. Our bond had grown stronger telepathically I think at least. When I got my industrial pierced my ear hurt not one bit, but the same ear on my twin sister was all red, swollen and hurting. Now as months went on I can predict her period which is irregular because I will get cramps when she gets it. I will also be extremely hungry and moody and have at least one mental breakdown, while she handles it perfectly fine most of the time and just acts more calm and peaceful. Most people try to tell me the cramps are intestinal but they aren’t I know the difference and these cramps feel like contractions almost. I get a sharp pain every minute or two and I feel as though my stomach is churning. I would say it depends on the twin but me and my twin have a telepathic relationship.

  • I am a male and my twin sister was killed in an automobile accident when we were 21. My mother told me on a Sunday my twin sister was going to be driving a 6 hour road trip that following Tuesday. I knew on Sunday something bad was going to happen. I tried calling my twin sister at college but her roommate said she was in the library. That Tuesday when she was killed, it was not necessary for anyone to tell me. I already knew.

  • I have a twin brother and so far we have had No “twin telepathy” moments. I think that it is only possible with identical twins. After all, we are only as close as any other brother and sister. It’s not like we share the same exact genes like identical twins do.

  • im a girl and i have a twin brother we are 14 about to be 15 this month and we have videos that our parents made of us when we were like 2 or 3 and its him running around the house and he falls and hitts his head on a chair and i was in the other room and i started cring and he just sat there not upset at all.another time we were 4 and i went with my mom and sister shopping and he was at home with my dad and other brother Mom said i started to cuplaine that my arm was hurting and i was cring for my twin saying he was hurt my mom called my dad to tell him and thats when dad said that aaron (my twin) broke his arm on the trampoln and he wasnt crying then either so yeah i geuss we can have telepathy lol 🙂 well at least we do lol 🙂

  • Well I’m a girl and I have a twin brother …. and NO we don’t have any of that, my older bros say we have “twin telepathy” cause we can finish each others sentences but thats cause we shared a room most of our lives and he’s like my best friend, Its like how you can probably finish your best friends sentences

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