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  • Actually, you’re all wrong.

    They do work. But they’re not called “talismans” or “amulets”. These items are simply pieces of jewellery.

    A “sigil” or “seal” however, does possess certain auras that can interact with your (or dirupt another’s) electromagnetic frequency (Mer-ka-ba).

    A sigil or seal, coincides with one or more eternal forces that recur all over the world throughout countless religions, cults, practices, faiths etc. A seal can be sewn into clothing, etched into jewellery, painted or carved in a ritual area, etc…

    So yes. They do work. But your chances of finding an actual seal or sigil are pretty low. Unless you know where to look for them. But that’s for you to find out.

  • I made a parchment talisman for favor at court, & I got off so light that everyone who knows me couldn’t believe it! I guess sometimes they do. I didn’t do anything horrible, by the way.

  • I have one that I use as a paperweight and I have yet to have a paper blow off my desk when under the full weight of the amulet’s protection.

    In other words…no.

  • No, they don’t.They only bring money for those, who sell cheap fashion jewelery for 3-5 times more their real price as “charged”,”haunted” etc.

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