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did a ghost touch me in my sleep?

i was lying in bed about half asleep when i could feel someone was tickling me on my right side and i also felt like my left nipple was being squeezed… since i was half asleep i thought i was just having a stupid dream so i shaked myself off and continued to rest and then i felt an arm move from under me, as if someone had been holding me the whole time. after it moved i felt the figure go behind me and actually started humping me slowly when i screamed to my mum and everything stopped instantly. this is the first time iv ever felt something like this before, i know its not sleep paralysis because i was able to move, but it really was a definite feeling. has this happened to anybody before? please no answers about seeking god and salvation please. just want to know what the chances are of ghosts touching me in my sleep.


  • I know I am a couple years off but I think you are telling the truth cause about half an hour ago (it’s 4:30am) I woke up feeling like someone was tickling me on my rib cage but I found out my right arm was the culprit but I couldn’t feel it as it was numb but when I could again it felt like someone was holding it which terrified the hell out of me. Right now my middle right hand finger is sprained and it randomly flinches which hurts like hell so it might be that, that woke me up or a ghost or my imagination.

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