I read a post(http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Al1yP5SmxYpQ4NdfQnhlALgjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20080405161536AAoZtCS), “conclusive proof in demons”. I suffered from very similar situation. I am always at my grandmothers house, sleeping on the couch. Late at night I wake up and see dark figure walking around(Google shadow people). They are casually walking around, ignoring me. At first(and they started when I was about 8) I thought my grandma’s house was haunted. Then a few years later I watched A TV show talking about Sleep paralysis. A natural atheist I jumped on this conclusion, though to this day I never even step foot in her house alone.

A few minutes ago I read a post, mentioned above, and many said it was demon possession. So my question, is sleep paralysis the Atheist version of demon possession? Like evolution and creationism? Or is it only in certain situation? And Christians what do think of it? Haunted? It might be in my head, and simply a nurture factor, but I will get chills when I’m in any given room of house alone. I feel like I’m being watched, and there is something not nice watching me. views please?
Oh ya, I forget to mention, ya it does follow sleep paralysis perfectly, meaning I can’t move, except my eyes, and it feels like something is crushing my chest.


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