How can you undo its effects?pls HELP


  • I went to an arabian store the other day and the guy started chanting something in a differnt language and ever since then when I’m by myself scary things always happen does anyone have any suggestions on what this could be or what I could do

  • Very possible. Go to a Palero who does Palo Mayembe. Its a form of magick. The dark side of Santeria. They’re usually very intuitive in these matters. Find one in your area. A Botanica may be able to refer you to a reputable Palero. Good luck. For now, pray for protection from St. Michael.

  • so i was cleaning my room and i picked up my mattress so that i could move my bed. when i pulled up the bed skirt i found the name of my husband’s ex girlfriend in the middle of the bed spelled out with stickers. Now i feel that it was her that placed these stickers on my bed because we allow her to come in the house since my husband and this girl have a child together. My husband’s children live with us and so i thought that me and the ex had a good relationship. now with this i don’t know what to think. can any one tell me if she is trying to put a curse on me or my husband?

  • Usually when people curse you, they must enter your home and leave certain objects there, somewhere where you will not find them, or will think them your own and never throw them out. They’re usually hard to find, but there’s always something strange about them. Maybe writing, ties on them, stains, burns, hair tied around, etc.

    I wouldn’t suggest burning it, even though that’s what some people do. It could work, but not necessarily. You should either have a priest dispose of them or/and cleanse you and your home. That should do the trick. But if you want to know who did it, there are certain psychics that can uncover that information when presented with the cursed object.

    Good luck.

  • a curse is only as strong as the belief in it it i use mirrors any ill thoughts to me in or around my house are reflected back to whosoever sent that bad thought i place them in the garden and windowsills anthink back with the ill thought towho sent them return cant hurt but gives it bac to them without malice from urself ,

  • Give your life to Jesus first. Ask for forgiveness of sins and to come into your life….when you do this you become a child of God….the Highest Power there is….the Bible tells us…..”greater is He (Jesus) that is in us than he (satan) that is in this world”….
    The Bible also tells us witchcraft (in any sort; there’s no such thing as ‘good’ witchcraft or ‘good psychics’ it is all evil spirits (I can give you the specific scriptures if you like) so if this thing is coming against you, your only hope is Jesus Christ.
    God Bless.
    P.S. stay away from saying ANY phrases like that Jadee guy is saying….and duh if you stand in a storm you are likely to see a lightning bolt regardless…..

  • yes as a matter of fact there is. my uncle is a wizard and he knows anything and everything to do with magical and evil enchantmants and curses. to find out if anyone has cursed youu, youu have to stand out in the pooring rain and shout up “zindiygretii morphamortuss alaretius pruatelium bora bora roo zinendi len” to the heavens. if a lightning bolt appears in the sky it means tht you have been cursed. To get rid of the curse you have to bathe in a cold water repeating the words “gos gop geel” this wil send the curse away for ever. however if you do not do this the curse could eat away at yur soul.

  • there is such amazing power in belief, curses only realy work if you totally believe in them, like, how sometimes old people believe they cannot go on when their mate of numerous years dies, and then they die, they willed it to happen

    you would do better to study and see the ridulousness of people placing curses on one another, thus arming yourself with the weapon of reason and logic

    good luck

  • well my moms friend some one did a curse on her freind i forgot who this girl did somthing to the cursed leg and then she said that her leg will be cured but the person who did it will be in pain for awileand this girl she knew at work was in pain so she had did it i talk alot hheee

  • You say to yourself the light of God surrounds you, the love of God enfolds you, the power of God protects you, where ever you are, God is when you wake up, before you go to sleep and know and understand that you have the power over you not someone else and their ill wishes, the power comes with making you believe that something that is not true is true.

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