Okay, here’s the story:
For years I’ve been a fan of Japanese Anime, and just love a good action scene of martial arts being displayed.
In Japanese Anime the characters usually (or often) draw their power from beast like creatures like foxes, wolves, serpents, snakes, dragons, lions and so on,or from what they call their own ‘life force’.
A serpent, snake, dragon, lion and wolves are Biblical representations of demons and satan.
Knowing that, I can understand many anime characters are demonically influenced (and probably go to hell being possessed, while not receiving christ), but I couldn’t care less because they are but anime(meaning not real), and I’m far more interested in the good I can get out of the movie.

So you could conclude that the characters in Japanese Anime, often are inspired by demonic power, often bringing some form of destruction, more than healing, through either physical powers, or spiritual powers under the name of ‘chakra’, ‘zen’, ‘aura’, or just ‘spiritual energy’, or so……

The flip coin is, that I’m also a devout christian, trying to follow Jesus in a pretty liberal way, meaning trying to be free, and not fall into the pattern of rules and regulations.

A couple of days ago I saw a presentation, and in the end the guy said “In the end days there will be those who will be ‘worshippers’ of demons and devils, and will not want to turn away from doing so.” …or something (paraphrased).

So, I started to think, though I may be wrong somewhere:

1- What is worshiping devils?
Isn’t it admiring them? Isn’t worship like admiration, adoration, glorification and exaltation? Not only verbally, but also in the heart agreeing of their superiority and splendor?

So I noticed of myself that in anime, exactly those scenes where the character starts to have ‘determination’ (is what they call it), it’s able to draw the demonic power, and gain superhuman strength. (and I’m not only talking about DragonBallZ here, but many other anime out there, like Saint Seya, Fist of the North Star (Aka Hokuto no ken), especially Bleach, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Wolfs Rain, or even the scene’s of Initial D, where the driver’s been seen with an ‘aura’.

Exactly those scenes I like or get thrilled by them, as I watch them, because they often go together with some intense special effects or music, to accentuate the scene, meant to be breath taking and exhilarating!

Could this also be the worshiping of demons like the guy mentioned, if it is obvious they get their strength from demons?

I am fully aware of Matthew 15:11: “not that what comes INTO a man defiles him, but what goes OUT of a man can”(paraphrased)!
In other words: there’s nothing wrong with viewing the anime, there might be with the part of worshiping (giving admiration, exaltation (often goes with the thought “I wished I could be like that”),and glorification (eg: “Did you see last episode? It was awesome the way that XXXX (eg: Naruto or Ichigo/Bleach) killed that monk!”) of some of it’s scenes, or even there might be an issue when not physically doing those things, but in one’s heart admire them (as Matt 5:28 says: “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”, meaning that one can sin, even if it’s only in the heart, and does not appear to come to the surface).

So could it be that in the process of watching Anime,man might get tempted to glorify a demonic power (even in his heart)?
Certainly a valid point of concern, because if so,I would have been worshiping devils for over 17 years now(about the time I started watching a lot of Japanese Anime)!

As I was pondering on this question, another thing took place.
I was playing a game called “phantasy star”, and it plays back in the far future, where men has developed a tool called a “photon generator” (or something).
A ‘Photon generator’ is seen as a purely (far futuristic) scientific tool, that can emit photons, and thus give the user of it additional energy that can be released as ‘fire’, ‘ice’, ‘earth’, ‘light’, ‘gravity’, or ‘dark matter’.

The ‘photon charger’ (or whatever they might call it in phantasy star) is in other words, a purely scientific device, that one triggers on or of much like one would trigger a gun or a microwave, and can not be seen as demonically, but operates within the physical laws it supposed to operate into (given that it could exist), and can be seen as a tool.

But the end result is about the same:
The main character get attacked by evil powers (creatures or humans) he can not overcome with his own power, and calls on either his demon, or the power of his scientific photon device.

Since there is no difference between the characters save the one character calls for photon power, and the other calls for demonic aura, and yet I get the same thrill with seeing both men being bestowed with superhuman strength, my question would be:
– Is it bad to see anime (Demonically p
last sentence got cut off, and is:
– Is it bad to see anime (Demonically powered), knowing that it would be ok to see if the demonic power would be replaced by a device like a photon charger (or something)?
None really seemed to grasp the core question. Many explain things I don’t seem to ask in my question.

I’ll repeat it here again:
“could it be that in the process of watching Anime,man might get tempted to glorify a demonic power (even in his heart)?”; that’s my question. Not whatever you would do instead of watching anime,or try to justify anime, that is besides the point.
Thank you.


  • I would like to point out that thye only mentioned a few animes, also only the few that were ‘drawing power from demons’ animes and such. There are so many good heart felt animes, That Don’t Have ‘Satan’ in them. Fairy tail for example : they don’t draw their magic energy from Satan and demons, their magic energy flows in their air naturally. This is one of the MANY and when I say MANY I mean MANY animes that don’t base around getting your energy from Satan. Sorry to blabble on for so long but I wanted to just say that. XD have a good day XD

  • The first problem with this article is that anime is based in Japan. They are not necessarily alluding to demonic powers. The culture is different and each of those animals might mean something different to Shinto then it does to Christianity.

  • PLEAS STOP SPEAKING PLEAS STOP SHARING YOUR OPINIONS WITH ANY ONE ! ! ! It’s people like you that give a bad name to Christians. It’s like your grew in some backward inbred town and you just found out about the big world.

  • I can see that you’re so conscious about the demonic theme in the anime. But you know what you have no problem with dragon themes, wizard themes, unicorn themes, and Christians go crazy seeing a demon coming out, oh no it’s Satan! This anime is possessed, don’t watch it! Blah Blah. You know what my point here is they’re still fictional so as what religitards believe. Demons are not real, if they were the anime would not label it as a fictional entity. In fact the mangakas and the animator does not even treat it seriously, obviously because they know it’s just a cartoons. Some anime are inspired by ancient mythologies and some animies take some charcters and ideas out of it and put it on their animes, but when writers take something from the mythology stories of the religious, there’s then this dumb whiney confessions about being a fan and a devout christiand. And blah, I don’t wanna watch it, it’s inspired by Satan blah. They’re just a concept any way even if there was a god why would he burn you in hell for that.

  • We are both,for me,the animator in Japan are different religion if you are a christian,you can be an animator in a good way,you can draw an anime but there is no sign of satanic,you better to draw about God,good romance or anything just do not think your satanic sign

  • …Articles like this are such a waste of time.
    Life is what you make of it.
    Anime is what you make of it.
    Take the good, or the bad, or both.
    You’re all bakas.


  • we live in a dimensional prison , everything here is meant to control you , every religion , every doctrines… they want only to lead you astray from the absolute truth : You are God .

    angels and demons they are not real in the way you picture them , they are all extraterrestrials , is time to wake up , leave the shell of ignorance , this dimension is dominated by evil extraterrestrials , the snake…the dragon… the reptilian . Thy keep us here through fear in a cycle of infnite encarnations , just to feed on us ! wake up….because there’s no god that will buy you a place in heaven nor devil that will cast you into hell …you decide where you’ll end… free from this prison ….or down here again… to suffer and make the same old mistakes again and again…. won’t you all wake up ?

  • Ok here’s the thing …. I’ve been in a similar sutuation, the only difference being my struggle was in the area of music … The bottom line is, does watching anime really help you grow as a christian . Well I no for sure something that glorifies demons cannot exalt Christ . I know it might be a struggle to let it go. Just as it was with me . But if you are willing to admit your weakness unto God He is faithful to help you out of it. You got to be sincere though! You can’t be it’s ok to watch it as long I don’t glorify it … Belive me I posed the same argument with my struggle, and it sent me spiraling backwards in my relationship with God . He wants to be separated from the filth of this world that can harm our soul. I pray that God would further show you the deception behind animes and give you courage to take a stand . I know it’s tough …. But if you want God you just have to let it go . You can’t have two masters right !

  • Personally I think. it depends on what you watch. I’ve actually found that while there is anime that glorifies demons and all that there are also anime about childcare, families, and teaching. Like all things, be careful with what you view. I usually just watch anime that has to do with parenting, adoption, or teaching so I guess not all anime is bad?

  • I am 11 right now, coming from a strong Christian family. My parents ban me from watching anime, although lately, I have started watching an anime that is ‘violent'(dubbed by my parents when they found out).

    I really like anime (drawing it as well). Is it a sin? Technically, drawing cartoon is not a sin, but watching ‘demonic’ anime is.

    I had taken up Japanese as a subject (so I could understand anime, of course). My Japanese teacher tells me to watch more anime, to improve my Japanese. (I don’t think she is a Christian). She even told my parents that to improve my Japanese I should watch more anime.

    Is there any ‘un-demonic’ anime I can watch?
    Please help me!

      • I know this is an old post, but we’re learning Japanese as a family and really enjoy Chi’s sweet adventure. It’s super cute and hilarious! Ultimately, though, hiding things from your parents will definitely result in some serious problet’s in your relationship with your parents. Maybe you can see if you can find one you can all watch together. I’m on the lookout for ones I can watch with my kids, too! The Lord is good. If you truly want to please Him, He’ll provide in one way or another! ☺️

  • Anime has its roots in the religion of Japan…namely Shinto and Taoism. As per them most of the anime themes are inspired. So called christian themes are taken from a catholic christian theme since catholicism seems to be most outstanding in regards to christianity in the world. To be apt….lets take an example from Naruto….powers of the sharingan….Izanami, Izanagi, Amaterasu, Susano….they are shinto deity names….in the Old Testament God tells Israel not to take names of pagan deities…attribute this to christian kids taking the names of shinto deities names while playing….well you have a basic picture of what Im getting at here.

    • I can’t say I fully agree wig this guy I mean yea the devil can us anime to his advantage but not all anime is influenced to be negative like naruto. While I watch naruto I never feel bad for watching it I watch it for its positive vibes and the message like never give up and friendship is a key element in life but then there are animes like berserk and all its obvious satanic stuff and it’s really hard to draw the line between good and bad but I don’t think anyone should take my opinion as solid advice I myself will be praying over this topic and asking God for his opinion on this if I see a change in my opinion towards naruto and other animes then yes I’ll listen but if I can watch naruto or dbz without feeling dirty then I mean I’m going to keep watching it but I’ll stay vigilant for any subliminal messages

    • I’m not a religious person but I can agree with you , animes are totally corrupted by the dark forces , wich is something very sad to realize , just another way the snake found out to corrupt a form of art… the way that happened to music , and dramaturgy…

  • Thanks for this because I am a huge fan of only naruto and bleach and I too try and live a christian life of freedom without getting lost in religiosity. I’m convinced bleach is demonic I won’t even go there. But naruto is a strange one. I was reading the book of Daniel just recently and came across the vision of a tree being cut down but the stump being left meaning king Nebuchanezer will be reject as king and driven out the city, but the stump not being uprooted means once he accept God he will be returned to Power and rule even greater than before. I remembered that in the boruto movie those two bad guys cut down that tree of life to the stump. and that kaguya uses the the tree tho absorb all chakra back to herself so I refuse to believe naruto and anima are just made up. There is nothing new in this world. your thoughts imagination everything comes from somewhere….The spiritual. I’m glad bleach is done cause I’m pretty much over it. discontinuing naruto will be tough!

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