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OSHO: Meditations for Contemporary People

How to select a meditation technique? "All the techniques that I have developed are for contemporary people." THE BOOK OF SECRETS 112 methods of meditation are introduced by Osho, in a series of 80 talks. The book is available in many languages. People need first cathartic meditation methods like OSHO Dynamic Meditation so that then they can move to silent methods..

OSHO: About Drugs

Drugs! What a controversial topic -- For or against? -- Legalizing or prohibiting? Allowing or condemning? Here comes a profound insight on the subject... -- "Whenever you start stopping something you give great importance to it, and particularly to the youth. It becomes a provocation."

OSHO: Marriage and Children

Marriage and Children are important questions for many people in relationships. Osho brings a new dimension to this - individuality and awareness. Excerpt from an interview with Howard Sattler, 6PR Radio, Australia. "Freedom, to me, is the ultimate value. There is nothing higher than freedom."

OSHO: My Way Of Life is Not Philosophy

My Way Of Life is Not Philosophy No philosopher has ever been able to know the truth. All the philosophers have been thinking about the truth. But thinking about the truth is an impossibility. Either you know it, or you don't.

OSHO: Behave As if You Are the First Here

Almost everybody gives everybody else advice. -- 'Do this', 'do that', 'this is right', 'that is wrong' and so it goes, on and on... How would it be if we would live our lives without listening to all these well intentioned suggestions and "Behave as if we were the first here"? -- "Start living as if you don't know how to live. Nobody is there to teach you, no guidelines exist. No books exist which say how to do this, how to do that. You are...

OSHO: Being In Love

How to Love with Awareness and Relate Without Fear - "Love should be a reality in your life, not just a poem, not just a dream. It has to be actualized. It is never too late to experience love for the first time. Learn to love. Very few people know how to love. They all know that love is needed, they all know that without love life is meaningless, but they don't know how to love." -- Osho Being in Love How to Love with Awareness and Relate...

Osho Gondwana

Located near Byron Bay on the sub-tropical east coast of Australia. It is situated two kilometres from Tyagarah beach with wonderful views from east to west of Cape Byron and Mount Warning.They hold meditations (Dynamic and Kundalini regularly), keep bee hives, share community meals and participate in many community events. Focused on personal and spiritual growth, they aim to achieve a harmonious balance between individual and community. Speaking of community, their decisions are usually made by consensus.

British comedian Frank Skinner visit Osho community

British comedian Frank Skinner visit Osho community. Osho Leela is one of the UK’s leading personal growth centers offering workshops during the year in healing, massage, yoga, meditation, tantra, dance, comedy, theater and life-coaching skills.

The Sammasati Project : The Art of Dying

The Sammasati Project providessupport for anyone wanting to consciously maintain or regain their health, in all its dimensions, and for those who wish to pass through the process of dying consciously. PreRequisites. A comprehensive familiarity and accord with Oshos vision of living and dying.

Osho Samaya : Ashram in The Bush

Osho Samaya Ashram is an Experimental SCHOOL FOR LIFE open to people who are young in spirit and energy and who are ready to learn to live their life at the maximum of joy, creativity, sensitivity, awareness, passion and a deep connection to nature

Croydon Hall

For over eleven years Croydon Hall has been a world-renowned venue of choice for holistic courses and workshops, spiritual, yoga and tai chi retreats and self discovery and meditation weekends.

The Art of Living and Dying : Osho Nisarga Himalayas

A transformational process of exploring the spiritual dimensions of living and dying. An annual gathering of seekers from all over the world in the splendor of the himalayan foothills of India, facilitated by the Institute for Living and Dying.

Osho Buddha Field Israel

Sambhavya, a therapist and healer, gives healing workshops & spiritual maturity courses. Sambhavya is now in Israel after 25 years of studying and leading groups & courses in Osho International Commune in Pune India, Japan, USA, Europe & South America.

Osho Desert Ashram Israel

An Ashram is a place for learning and experiencing yourself. It is a school in which you decide the rate of your learning. Osho once said: "to teach meditation you need do nothing but provide a meditative atmosphere". Osho desert a place where Zorba meets the Buddha, a sensual meeting between Spirituality, Dance, Meditation, Music, festival and party, happening every year.

Osho Samadhi Center Sicily

Osho Samadhi Center is a space open to all those who want to get closer to the location of individual knowledge through meditation and study groups.Located along the Ionian coast of the town of Lentini (SR) and a few kilometers from Catania - creates ideal conditions for seminars, trainings and meditation groups residential .

Osho Tantra Essence

Tantric Dance of the Goddess with Ma Ananda Sarita, At tantra-essence, Sarita shares the sublime ecstasy of Tantra as a spiritual path.

How to Hug : Hugging as Meditation

Famous for its festivals, workshops and conscious clubbing weekends, Osho Leela is one of the UK’s leading personal growth centers offering workshops during the year in healing, massage, yoga, meditation, tantra, dance, comedy, theater and life-coaching skills.

OSHO Miasto

Osho Miasto the biggest Osho center in Italy, is located in a very quiet position, in the strong, wild and beautiful nature of Montagnola Senese, in Tuscany, close to Siena.

Osho Manjusha Meditation Center

Today, the Manjusha belongs to the most important places of meditation in Eastern Germany. Situated half an hour's drive from Dresden. The Center comprises an area of 30,000 sqm, surrounded by old trees, meadows and a pond. The power, silence and intensity of nature can be clearly sensed there and invite you to abandon yourself to its spell - to relax and recharge your batteries.

Meera : Painting for awakening our consciousness

Ma Anand Meera leads painting trainings at Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, India, and in Ibiza and gives workshops on Creativity and Art therapy mainly in Japan and Europe. Her unique way of working is documented in video and dvds.

The Path of the mystic : Video Osho Talks

Osho is a enlightened mystic whose wisdom, clarity and humor have touched the lives of millions of people around the world. In this video Osho answer's question asked by disciples

Osho Sufi Whirling Meditation

Whirling meditation is an technique that will liberate you from the mundane world, it is an active form of meditation that centers the mind and body within minutes.Whirling meditation has many benefits. It enables you to temporarily severe the hold the mundane world has on you. It allows you to build energy that focus in on your heart center and opens communication with the divine. When you’re no longer whirling you make a true connection with...

Zazen Meditation

The purpose of Zazen Meditation is to free your mind of the materialistic hold our lives have on us and once you are able to allow your thoughts to enter and quietly leave without investigation you will no longer be limited. This will provide you the quiet calm needed to see the truth of your nature and your place within yourself and the world. Your body, mind, and breath will become one.

The New Man for The New Decade: Zorba The Buddha

In Gautama the Buddha, the world knows an Indian prince who abandons his luxurious life – his palaces, his pleasures, his princess and even his infant son - to search his true self in the forest. He starves himself, denies himself until he becomes quiet, calm, still, peaceful, silent, and serene. Finally, he becomes enlightened.

Osho Meditation

Osho left this world in 1990. When you consider his ideas and beliefs about meditation, you realized that he turned traditional concepts upside down and inside out. Yet, his mode of meditation is still on the rise in usage. Apparently, his form of meditation is something that is more appealing to people that might not have gotten into meditation if only the tried and well-known methods were available to the contemporary public--maybe, a more...

School Of Awakening

School of Awakening deals with timeless sacred wisdom and traditions. This Esoteric School of Awakening offers courses and trainings in Tantra, holistic healing, meditation, Tachyon, raw food and detox, Angelic reiki and various new cutting edge tools and processes.

PLEASE HELP ME!!!! homework?

“To me a book is not just a book; it is a love affair… I have loved reading from my very childhood. My own personal library consisted of one hundred fifty thousand rare books of all the religions, philosophies, poetry, literature. And I have read all of them, but with no purpose; I enjoyed it.” — The OSHO Library is maintained by Osho International Foundation. — All of these books have been read, signed and dated by...

The Practices of Tantra

In an effort to experience more joy, freedom, love and growth, we often look outside of ourselves, rather than focusing inward. We seek more possessions, a beautiful home, jewelry, shoes, and clothes, often in excess. We resort to food, build up our bodies, take drugs or alcohol. We use religion as a crutch, rather than accepting the fact that Divinity is within all of us. Tantra is a spiritual path for integrating body, mind and spirit for...

Dreams & Nightmares: Our Desires and Fears

Eloping with your beloved or bashing up your boss….these are what dreams are made of. Getting terrorised by gangsters or ghosts or getting hopelessly lost in an unfriendly foreign land…these are our dreams turning into nightmares. Riding our wishes, we become what we want to be in our dreams. Dreading our fears, we face what we never want to happen. Deep in sleep, our secret desires or fears buried down in our minds come to life as we dream. All these pleasures or tortures vanish in a second when we wake up to our stark reality. And we wish if only these come true. Or, that our fears never materialise. Despite their power to please, amuse, bewilder or frighten us, our dreams dominate us. Rarely, we get dreamless sleep because our minds go on ticking even when we are asleep. We speak and listen, see all colours and feel all emotions in our dreams. Yet dreams remain mysterious. Both our desires and fears in our dreams are an illusion, called ‘maya’ by the Eastern mystics who add that even when we are not sleeping, the world around us is also just an illusion or maya. A life lived through the mind is a life of dreams. That is the meaning of the concept of maya. Says Osho, “Dreams are only a translation of thinking in the language of sleep and thinking is nothing but a translation of dreaming in the language of the day. You go on moving between the two: dreaming and thinking. Both are desiring. So the problem is not dreams but desiring. Now the challenge is how to overcome having these desires for when the dreams are over everything is the same. Nothing has happened and nothing will happen after they are over.” So the crucial question is: how do we stop dreaming in our sleep and even while awake? The Russian spiritual master, Gurdjieff used to say that the first effort is to awake in a dream and see the dream as a dream. He had a few techniques for how to awake in a dream. He would teach his disciples that every night, when they went to sleep, they should go on repeating as deeply as possible, as passionately as possible, ‘This time when I start dreaming in the night I will raise my hand and touch my head. And immediately when I touch my head the remembrance will happen to me that this is a dream.’ For months together the disciple would think, auto-suggest. Every night falling into sleep they would repeat it again and again with deep passion, so that it entered into the very unconscious layers of the mind. The challenge is to go beyond the illusion or maya to face the reality. Being more and more aware at all times is the answer. The Zen masters of Japan practice a very demanding system. When the disciples sit in meditation with eyes closed, the master watches them with a stick. The moment he sees one of them losing attention or awareness, he hits him with the stick. After many years, when the disciples become very aware during the daytime, the same procedure is started when they sleep! Fortunately, the enlightened master, Osho, has gifted us easier methods with his meditations. Let’s stop the ticking of our minds with them and wake up. About AuthorEditor, Author, Special Correspondent, Publisher, Media Consultant, Kul Bhushan is a disciple of the enlightened master, Osho. He has worked for a UN agency and travelled to over 50 countries. He specialises in writing on NRI (Non Resident Indians) affairs. He has authored 26 books. For more of his articles on Osho, visit