There have been a couple of instances where I don’t remember saying things since I was half asleep. Can the mind (or the subconscious) tell the truth in this state?


  • I don’t believe so. I don’t think you would lie….but you are almost in that dream state that is heavy just before waking, and if I were ask a question I think My first answer would reflex what I was dreaming.Kind of a mix-up.

  • When you are a sleep you are in a subconsicous state it will tell what ever comes up regardless if its the truth or false,i know you have heard that old saying don’t talk in your sleep/

  • If you mean, if you are presented a question from someone, is it possible for your unconscience mind to retrieve an actual answer, then it would be yes. It’s very possible to answer correctly. Usually though when presented a question the mind just says the first thing it creates.

    Such as
    Q: So did you have sex with your girlfriend?
    A: I needed my jacket so I could float in the quick sand.

  • Hell yes i can have whole truthful converstaions with my boyfriends while his is alsleep. He sits up and everything but the next day he wont remember it.

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