I heard the term some days ago and felt very confused with the subject. Can you please guide me a little about it.


  • You have already received a lot of detailed answers so I give you only a simple one.
    The chakras are related to our physical body connecting this physical body to spirituality.
    Kabbalah teaches that our physical body has absolutely no relation to spirituality, this physical reality is not even real, it is just a cover for us to start work in until we enter spirituality.
    I hope this and the links below will help with your question, all the best.

  • no, because they come from opposing religious beliefs. chakras come from hinduism. kabbalah is jewish mysticism. even tho the two faiths are looking toward the same thing, their approaches are vastly different. people who attempt to combine the two are misguided idiots. people who think kabbalah has any relevance outside of judaism are deluded fools. kabbalah is literally intense study of the torah. chakras are energy nodes used in yoga and reiki. while the same person could possibly use both, using them at the same time is not possible, no matter what kind of fluffy-bunny justification you may concoct to justify it.

    western mytics latched onto the kabbalah hundreds of years ago in an attempt to fill the gap left by the eradication of european mystical traditions. first, they ascribed it to the tarot and tried to claim that it originated in egypt, then they built a system of ceremonial magic around it that’s just as deluded as ‘kabbalah chakra’. unfortunately, many fools unable to think for themselves who nevertheless have huge egos have kept this nonsense in the western consciousness, and continue to debase the kabbalah by attempting to graft it onto whatever else catches their fancy.

  • -Kabbalah really has nothing to do with Chakras – the tree of life (Etz haChayim (עץ החיים) ) tends to be used as a sigil for making connections between different spiritual ideas and system. You can then associate the Sephirot based on the kind of symbolism associated with each one – it’s a useful aid to meditation perhaps.
    You can do the same with the I Ching, or astrology, or the ingredients in a cake, or how the government is organized. Thta’s one reason why Kabbalah is attractive, because it’s quite a powerful (poetic) unifying set of symbols.

  • A wheel of light in your soul that if opened provides peace and spiritual knowledge, and makes your life so much better and gives you a better understanding of yourself and others and allows you to be liberated spiritually.

  • Research “Hermetics” But its not to be fooled with. Only adopt its teachings if you plan to be dedicated. ’cause I’ve seen the dabbler get destroyed by experimenting!

  • Well they are two different things. Kabbalah is the study of Judaism (jewish religion) in it’s most ancient form. Chakras are the energy centers of our bodies, which is more a buddhist concept which has been transcribed by other religions as well. Learning about your chakras is very good, as the energy flowing between them needs to be balanced or you will wind up with all kinds of problems. People with an over-energized heart chakra will wind up falling in love too quickly and getting hurt, people with an over-energized crown (head) chakra will wind up overanalyzing situations to the exclusion of emotion, etc etc etc.

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