I sometimes see a floating blob which changes colour and I’ve seen the same thing for years. Other times no matter how hard I try I can’t visualise it. Just wondered if other people see the same thing?


  • the stuff u see when u squint ur eyes is called phosphens (dunno if i spelled that right) and i personal think it might be conected to the 3rd your third eye a.k.a ur pineal gland realices
    n-n-dmt diemethalpryptamin. the hullucinagenic dmt is in most mamals brains and the key enzimes and amino acid are in all living things and there is n-n-dmt and n-mt the hullucinagenic drink ayahusca that has been used across the world for 1,000s of years

  • When your third eye is open you’ll see all kinds of colors in your peripheral vision and flashes of light. When you know your directly on the third eye you’ll be seeing dark purple this is really hard to control and can make you hallucinate. Try and let your self know that what your mind is saying is not real or a part of you. I went somewhat insane from seeing the color and thought maybe even truly it did happen that the devil was with me. However most of the times the bad things you are seeing is from your mind over writing or changing your perceptions. You cant see your third eye its like your two regular eyes they see things but can not see them selves. Just like your third eye they see things but not them selves.

  • No!…that’s the image of a light-source ( lamp, sun)…the image remains on the retina for a few seconds. Try this….stare at a light-bulb for 20 seconds. Switch it off and close your eyes…..what do you see….blink your eyes quickly…..still there ?? It’s to do with the rods/cones on your retina.

  • That floating blob which changes colour is nothing more than the visual hallucination or disturbance or something like that and the third eye is nothing but the mind. You’ll hear stories on how blind people or deaf people have powerful minds which help them to identify and navigate through things.

  • I think it has to do the 3rd eye chakra thing, but im not sure of it as im not an expert in this field.

    but here i am not gonna leave logic behind, have a check up so that we know its not something wrong with your physical body, such as the brain.

    I have the same pulling feelings after my meditation but i do not see colours, some do see colours during meditation but like i said make sure its not something physical first. Spirituality is not devoid of logic

  • Hi Jane

    You cant see your third eye just by closing your eyes.And the floating colored blobs you see
    is just a simple phenomenon called Diffraction(when light passes sharp edges or goes through narrow slits the rays are deflected and produce fringes of light and dark bands)
    Here the reason of diffraction is your eyelashes.

  • That happens to everyone its just your description may not be understood. It happens because your eyes adjust from light (eyes open) to no light (eyes shut). The blobs you see should often look similar to shapes around you especially bright or white ones. They change colour as your eyes try to capture an image. Your eyes change to try and pick up different light waves and this causes the colour to change.

  • Lol I know exactly what your talking about. It like relaxes me when I sleep. Hmm I never thought of it that way…interesting. Like it can help you meditate,,,

  • how can you see your 3rd eye? if you could actually see through your 3rd eye… then we have something to talk about… until then… mama mia.. sayonara….

  • That happens to everyone. It’s because when you close your eyes you exclude all external visual stimuli, and thus your brain creates slight visual hallucinations (such as vague blobs that change colour).

    This phenomena can also occur when you put pressure on your closed eyes (such as placing you hands over them) and can sometimes lead to more complex geometric patterns being formed.

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