I read a lot of questions here that suggested you use dawn soap to wash your dog if you have nothing else.

My parents won’t even pay for dog soap for me but when washing dishes and stuff we always use Dawn.

I have two golden retriever/black lab mix siblings who i have full responsibility over besides vet care and food care. But i can afford a dog soap but my parents told me not to waste money on them like that so i couldn’t buy it so is dawn good for two golden retriever/black lab mix.


  • most pet owners on here seem very ignorant.. dawn os ok if u only bathe your dog once every few months it does kill fleas instantly.. ppl r ignorant they would rather use a poison filled shampoo than simple dish soap.. if u need to kill off a flea infestation go for it.. then follow up with flea tick treatment. my dogs coats r beautiful we always get compliments..

  • no do not use any shampoo or conditioner because it could possibly take of ALL of the natural oils that r in and on ur dog and u would NOT EVER want that to happen

  • Well, Hells Bells, I use it to rid my dogs of fleas and ticks, foamy bottle I use as shaving cream, it a great body wash, pre-wash on the the hair before the expensive shampoo and it take only one squirt into the dishwasher soap pan to give me great clean spotless dishes. What’s the downside to this soap – it saves birds and that makes it good enough me, (cry,cry) -sorry.

  • Although it maybe safe for animals, it will also take natural oils from the skin. I would only use Dawn if dog has something like grease that cannot be removed with regular washing.

    Instead of Dog shampoo I would suggest Mane & Tail (both shampoo and conditioner) it is made for horses but is safe for dogs, cats and humans also. (I use the conditioner myself) You can buy it at Wal Mart or Walgreens as well as many pet stores.

  • dawn is safe to use on dogs, it is used to kill fleas, it is also used on small cases of mange. i had a friend that had a ferret that had mange she called her vet and that’s what she was told to use as long as it was just a small area. i would not recommend using it alot. as with any soap using it too often will dry out the skin.

  • maybe people think they should use Dawn because the Dawn commercials show them using it on ducks. And I think the bottle says something about buying a bottle saves an animal or similar to that. Dawn is used on rescued ducks….that are covered in oil. It’s a serious de-greaser. I wouldn’t use it on my dog.
    If you can’t buy dog soap, maybe baby shampoo. It’s about $2 a bottle.
    If you can’t buy baby shampoo, use human shampoo and pour a little in a cup and pour in a little conditioner and mix it up before using it.

  • Buy a dog shampoo, it will be cheaper in the long run. If you use a washing up liquid, it could irritate their skin. Leading to you having to take them to the vet for treatment. Washing up liquid could give them dandruff and cause them to scratch and possibly cause open wounds.

    Tell your parents this, they may realize it’s not a waste of money.

  • Dawn is safe to use it will take a little more water to get it all out but it is safe.
    I got a kitten once that was too young for flea and tick bath and the vet told me to use dawn.

  • that is terribly bad for your dogs skin….would you use dish washing soap for yourself??

    Dogs don’t need a bath everyday or every month so a $15 bottle of dog shampoo is definitely affordable

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