I read in a Wiccan book that some witches who use the Nordic deities as their pantheon will replace ‘Water” with “Ice” in their Magick Circle, but I have found no other sites or books that mention this.


  • Ice and water are the same thing in different chemical states. It doesn’t make a difference so if you feel that ice resonates better with you than water and are concerned about representing the elements, go for it.

  • The form of the element you use in your circle are symbolic for the energies that the elements represent. If ice and water mean the same thing to you, that’s all you need. I went to a ritual once that used ice (water) smoke (fire) mist (air) and I don’t remember what they used for earth, this was much longer than 10 years ago, but you get the point.

  • Yes, sometimes. In my tradition we will use fire and ice in certain situations. However, this is not strictly speaking “Wicca” but something that was added to the tradition from Norse/Germanic influences. Ice (earth and water) goes in the northeast and seidth (fire and air) goes in the southwest (or, more practically, the center.)

  • Water vapor
    Liquid water
    and ice water are all the same thing when it comes to the word water.

    water is an english word and not very precise. This as opposed to CO2 ice, or methane ice.

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