I have had my ears pierced for 3 weeks now but I can’t get used sleeping with earrings in. My wife says that I should keep earrings in 24/7 for at least the first 6 months, I hope not because I can’t get used wearing them in bed.


    • Mines was like that . so I used the solution 3-4 times a day after I got them back in & twisted them gently to make sure they don’t get stuck & waited 6 more weeks & they were just find . just make sure how you put you clothes on or who your around

  • I changed mine out after a week and I kept those in for 5 weeks now and I got an infection from them and cant get earrings back in. Do not take them out.

  • Once you get them pierced you leave them in for 6 weeks then you can change them out after that you want to leave any earring you want for 6 months you can change them out during those 6 months after the six mothers you don’t have to wear them anymore!! Hope this helped!

  • Mine bleeded the first time I took them out ( after 7 weeks) and I just kept treating to them, but still, if you wanna risk taking Em out, do, but if you want to risk needing to repiece, that’s your choice, but don’t worry about the pain, it goes away after a hour or two, worry about the money your spending!!!!

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