I need a tarot card reading. I’ve never had one before but I need one.

If you can give me one just reply with any info needed and I’ll post another question with the info needed to do the card reading.



  • Casey M, is this question in regard of a man? or somebody that you know and you want to know if he is good for you? yes, he is a good man and he could be a good father for your babies. hard worker & has a good point of authority. for more specific readings you can visit my website that i’m building: http://www.sdmagic.net/
    many blessings

  • Depending on what kind of question you have, I do readings really cheap. You can look me up on eBay with this username, but anyone doing tarot readings typically makes a living from it.

    Normally, a reader or clairvoyant needs your full name and birthday, as well as the question. I don’t, my connection to someone isn’t based on information about them, it’s based on their energy. If I have whatever name you want to go by (just something to call you for the purpose of putting a name to that energy), and what your question is, I can do a reading.

    I do have a 3-card spread tarot reading for 99c, so it’s not half bad 🙂

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